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How Recovering Teens Can Show Appreciation to Their Loved Ones

Recovery isn’t easy for anyone of any age, but teens may have a particularly hard time. Teens in recovery are dealing with all of the usual teen stuff – raging hormones, social pressures, academic concerns, making plans for their future adult lives – on top of the ravages of addiction and the obstacles they encounter […]

Is Your Teen a Bullying Bystander?

A lot of the thinking and actions around addressing bullying concerns either the bully themselves or the person who is the victim of the bully. A bullying bystander is one who observes bullying but gets less attention, and they’re an important part of the equation. Bullying affects them too. Bystanders to bullying often experience fear […]

The Importance of Teaching Tolerance to Teens

Young children typically have an easy time accepting diversity when they’re exposed to it. Teens can be a different story, and there are a couple of reasons why teens may be less accepting of parents teaching tolerance importance. For one thing, adolescence can sometimes lend itself to what can seem to parents like a state […]

3 Ways to Show Random Acts of Kindness for Teens

Acts of kindness are about treating people with respect, compassion, and care. Demonstrating gratitude is an important value in most families, and it’s also a positive trait that can improve both personal and professional lives. Research shows that people who regularly demonstrate random acts of kindness are better able to: Form strong relationships and social connections […]

Teaching Teens About the Power of Kindness

Kindness is about more than simply being nice, polite, or friendly, although those things contribute to the overall power of kindness. Kindness is about treating those around you with genuine care, compassion, concern, and acceptance. Sometimes kindness is mistakenly associated with naivety or weakness, which can cause some people – including image-conscious teenagers, to try […]

How to Help Your Stressed Teen

Is your teen stressed out? If so, it’s not surprising. Teenagers sometimes experience more stress than adults realize. They’re under a lot of pressure to achieve academically, especially if they are on the college track. They may also feel pressure to achieve in extracurricular activities, especially if they’re involved in competitive activities like sports. On […]

What Common Challenges Are Young Adults Facing Today?

Every generation has its own struggles, and it can be tough for older generations to relate to and understand the things that are making today’s young adults and soon-to-be-adults worry. Of course, the challenges vary widely depending on who you ask – young adults of different races, income levels, and geographic locations often have different […]

Experimenting with Drugs Can Lead to Substance Abuse

Many people assume that experimentation with substances is just a normal part of the teenage years – a phase that most people go through on their way to adulthood. That can be true, but it isn’t always the case and can eventually lead to substance abuse. For one thing, many teens never use substances at […]

Raising Teen Depression Awareness Helps Reduce the Stigma

Mental health is discussed more widely today than it ever has been in the past, and it’s easy to believe that knowledge like teen depression awareness is at an all time high. But that’s not the case. Many people are still unaware of what depression really looks like, and therefore, people who suffer from it […]

Is Social Media Impacting Youth Depression?

Youth depression is becoming a noticeable issue nationwide. The rate at which teenagers and young adults report depression has been on the rise for some time now, and some evidence suggests that social media may be one of the reasons why. Researchers have found a correlation between social media use and the rising rates of […]