Parents: Help Your Teen Avoid Alcohol Abuse With These Text Messages

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recognizes that more and more communication between parents and their teens happen with text messaging. Between work and school and family responsibilities, parents might not have the opportunity to remind their teens about the discussions they’ve had about alcohol and alcohol abuse.   For this reason, […]

Teen Marijuana Abuse Is Not Healthy For the Developing Brain

During adolescence there’s an explosion of curiosity and creativity. There’s a fountain of energy that needs to be expressed somewhere. Along with this is a spring of emotions, with which teens usually don’t know how cope. In fact, the pre-frontal cortex of the developing brain hasn’t completed its growth. This part of the brain manages […]

Substance Abuse and Home Drug Testing

As parents you might feel the need to check whether your teen is doing drugs. You might notice, for instance, that he or she is not doing well in school or becoming excessively moody.  Perhaps drugs are the cause.   Even though you’ve done everything you can do to communicate that drugs are not the […]

Teen Alcohol Use: The American Drug of Choice

Alcohol is the drug of choice for America. It is a psychoactive drug that four in five men and women over the age of twelve have tried at least once. The number of those who have tried alcohol is 2.5 times the number of those who have experimented with marijuana.   Sadly, there are approximately […]

Teen Drug Rehab: What You Need to Know

Having an addiction is like having an ongoing battle with yourself. There’s no winning unless you surrender. There’s no conquering the destructive pull of addiction unless you lay down your weapons. Perhaps that’s the reason for the way Alcoholic Anonymous participants begin their introductions. “Hi, I’m John, and I’m an alcoholic.” They admit that they […]

Teen Depressant Abuse: The Illegal Use of Xanax and Valium

Sometimes, teens will take anything to get high, even old prescription pills like Xanax, Valium, Ativan, and Klonopin. Each of these drugs are categorized as Benzodiazepines and are commonly prescribed for anxiety. The risk with Benzodiazepines, however, is that they are highly addictive and have severe withdrawal symptoms. Of course, any teen taking prescribed psychotropic […]

Teen Alcohol Abuse: It’s Not A Healthy Option

Although there is a big trend right now regarding healthy eating and healthy living, it’s true that adolescents don’t tend to focus on health at this age. Why should they? They’re young and practically invincible.   Yet, alcohol in excessive amounts can lead to medical disease and illness. Of course, it can also lead to […]

Advances in Treatment for Teen Opioid Addiction

A recent study at the Boston University Medical Center revealed that treatment for teen opioid addiction is greatly enhanced when hospitalization treatment includes the use of buprenorphine. Furthermore, when those same teens are then connected to an outpatient facility after hospitalization, relapse is significantly reduced. Essentially specialized treatment during and after hospitalization leads to more […]

Teen Cocaine Abuse May Have Lasting Effects On The Brain

In the drug-counseling field, there is often a question that arises: can there be full recovery from addiction, including the elimination of feeling attraction for the abused substance? Speaking about eating disorders, which frequently mirrors the many dysfunctional patterns of addiction, a New York Times reporter wrote about a woman who attempted to answer that […]

Teen Substance Abuse in Wealthy Families

In most cases, teens addicted to alcohol and drugs feel the shame and stigma that accompanies a teen substance abuse disorder. In fact, they might not readily admit that they are shameful of their substance use, but they might keep it a secret. Or they might refuse to participate in teen drug treatment which would […]