Arizona Teens Witness Teacher Drunk At School

A Math Teacher at an Arizona High School was arrested on August 13 after a student noticed that she was drunk in class. The principal and a school guard entered the classroom and confronted the teacher. Although she initially denied the charges, she soon admitted that she drank the night before and that morning. She […]

Teen Inhalant Abuse: The Dangers of Your Own Home

As a parent, you might fear that your teen would use drugs like marijuana, alcohol, or methamphetamines. But you may not realize that there are dangers in your own home that could be risky for teens and could lead to teen inhalant abuse. Although it sounds odd, household products such as glues, hair sprays, paints […]

14 Ways Parents Can Curb Teen Substance Abuse – Part Two

This two part series provides a list of ways that parents can facilitate the avoidance of drug use in their teens. If you missed part one, that article provided an introduction and included the first six of fourteen ways that parents can help their teens curb substance abuse. The following completes that list:   7. […]

Teen Internet Addiction May Be a Precursor to Teen Drug Abuse

Research indicates that 1.4% to 17.9% of adolescents around the world are addicted to the Internet. Addictions to Internet use are not as prevalent in the United States as they are in other countries, however, evidence suggests that boys are at higher risk for an addiction than girls, especially boys who spend more than 20 […]

14 Ways Parents Can Curb Teen Substance Abuse – Part One

With recent drug epidemics, including heroin and painkillers, parents and supportive adults are looking for ways to assist teens in curbing their drug use. They seem to be looking for ways to prevent drug abuse in children and adolescents. And at the same time, sadly, some parents are still in the dark when it comes […]

Teen Addiction: Are you Ready to Change?

There’s a heavy internal struggle that comes with wanting to find freedom from a teen addiction. There’s an intense challenge that is inherent in the desire to change. This is true not only for breaking the cycle of addiction, but with any sort of life change.   For instance, let’s say you decide to get […]

Abused Children Are More at Risk for Teen Drug Addiction

If a child experiences abuse in their home of origin, whether that’s physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, he or she is more vulnerable to alcohol consumption during adolescence. A research study recently conducted by the University Miguel Hernandez in Elche, Spain, reveals that teens who were abused as children tended to perceive the use of […]