What Does Non-Binary Gender Mean?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to gender identities. Today’s teenagers are often more open than previous generations to the possibility of someone’s gender identity not matching […]

Support for Teens with Gender Identity Issues

“Congratulations, It’s a Human” When a baby is born, one of the first questions people ask the new parents is this: “What is it?” Gender is unquestionably the most salient […]

How to Support Your Transgender Teen

When you gave birth to or adopted your little boy or little girl, you might not have ever expected them to one day identify as a different gender. Many parents, […]

What Is Your Preferred Gender Pronoun?

When you meet someone new, it’s customary to exchange names. Depending on the context, you might also describe why you’re there or what position you have. For example, at an […]

Help a Teen Struggling with Gender Identity

Gender identity struggles are not something that you can pretend don’t exist: In recent years, this topic has been covered extensively in the media. Whether it’s lawmakers banning people from […]

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