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“Welcome. If you are a parent or guardian of a teen or young adult – or a young adult yourself – waging a daily war with mental health issues, please know that you have come to the right place – a truly safe place. Many of us here are parents and a number of us – including myself – have faced similar circumstances with our kids. So, we know first hand how terrifying this can be and how helpless you might feel right now. Please know that you are not alone and we are genuinely here to help and advise you. Whether you choose Paradigm or not, we want you to get help.” – Paul Auchterlonie, CEO

For 10 years, Paradigm Treatment has provided effective, exceptional psychiatric care for depression, anxiety, bipolar I & II, trauma, personality and mood disorders, substance use, and more in beautiful, safe settings. Our 35-to-90-day residential treatment program is accredited by The Joint Commission, the worldwide symbol of healthcare quality. Clients receive a comprehensive battery of therapy including one-on-one therapy 5-6 days per week in addition to weekly family and group therapy, and psychiatric counseling. The work we do with young people at our 7 facilities across California empowers them to heal despite the toll that mental illness has taken. Call 603-386-1282 now or complete our simple form. We’ll answer every question about treatment, length of stay, insurance, and costs. The first step is to contact us today.

“We lost one of our sons to suicide, which nearly destroyed his twin brother and our family. The loving and knowledgeable staff took in our shattered son and began the process of helping him want to live again. [They] extended the same love, support and education to our family, and we are now finally moving forward with hope. There is no doubt that Paradigm saved our son and our family.” – Bob Walden, a Trust Pilot Review

COVID-19 NOTICE: Paradigm Treatment remains fully open and focused on the health, safety, and security of our clients and staff. We welcome any questions or concerns you might have. Watch our COVID response video.

We know how difficult it is to reach out and ask for help. It is the first and most challenging step any parent will ever take. We totally get that. Call or write us now.

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Our treatment programs are accredited by the Joint Commission.
Paradigm enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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What We Treat…

Anxiety Disorders

Depression and Major Depression

Loss and Grief

PTSD/Childhood Trauma

Bipolar I,II, and Cyclothemia

Mood Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/OCD

Personality Disorders

Suicidal Thoughts

Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders

Other Mental Health Issues and Disorders

10 Reasons to Choose Paradigm

5-6 individual therapy sessions per week, weekly group & family therapy

Psychiatric treatment programs accredited by The Joint Commission

Experts in treating (separately) teens & young adults

Minimum 35-day residential treatment stay

Comprehensive diagnostic testing & evaluations

Treatment tailored to the client’s unique needs

Low client-to-clinician ratio

Deeply committed treatment staff

Coordination with home school academics

Beautiful 6-bed residences in Norcal & SoCal

Our Latest Outcomes Study Issued 03-20-21

A study presented in March of 2021, conducted by Kyle Van Duser, Ph.D. of the University of Hawaii and Pacific Analytics, found that among 195 Paradigm clients surveyed from intake through 1-year post-treatment, there were significant decreases in anxiety, depression, and stress. Details for each of these measures are found below.

depression scores
Depression scores begin at “severe” at intake and fall to “mild”, with emerging “normal” by end of treatment and at 1-year post treatment.
anxiety scores 2
Anxiety scores begin at “severe/extremely severe” at intake and fall to “moderate”, holding at that level through 1-year post treatment.
stress scores
Stress scores begin at “moderate/severe” at intake and fall to “mild”, with emerging “normal” by end of treatment and at 1-year post treatment.

Listen to former clients in their own words…

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