My Mental Illness Isn’t Your Next Halloween Costume

How is this still something that needs to be discussed in the year 2016? Mental illness and mental health are NEVER acceptable Halloween costumes.

Despite the obvious insensitive tones of mental illness themed Halloween costumes, they continue to get produced every year, including “asylum patient” options equipped with blood splatter and a white straight jacket.

This perpetual negative portrayal of mental health is exactly what is wrong with our society’s view of psychological illness, it’s not something to make into a spectacle or a cruel joke.

Doris Schwartz of the Mental Health Association of Westchester County in New York said it best, “It just perpetuates the myth that people with mental health conditions are dangerous, harmful and weird.”

If you still are unconvinced that perpetuating these harmful stereotypes aren’t so bad, consider this; what if someone close to you has just committed suicide, and you go to a theme park and see decorations of hanged men and women? Would you not feel disgusted and angry?

Those who live daily with a diagnosed mental illness don’t think it’s all in good fun to see trick or treaters dressed as gruesome asylum patients coming to their door.

With mental illness being as common as a head cold, it’s really time to eliminate hurtful stigmatizing costumes, decorations and theme park attractions permanently.

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