Evan Perlo

Evan Perlo, M.A., AMFT (104188)*

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

    Evan Perlo holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Sarah Lawrence College. Prior to joining Paradigm, he worked with adolescent and adult populations at the Southern California Counseling Center, where he concentrated on social justice, anger management, and building resilience and empowerment through individual and group therapy. Evan anchors his approach to therapy in Attachment Theory, which looks at our patterns of connecting with others and examines how we can show up in the world securely, reliably, and authentically. He is particularly passionate about group therapy as a means of exploring interpersonal relationships as a community, especially in regards to feelings of loneliness. By utilizing mindfulness practices, Evan enjoys helping teens develop practical strategies to be present with difficult emotions and cultivate kindness and acceptance towards themselves, which leads to tremendous growth in their lives.