jordan brounstein

Jordan Brounstein, B.A.

Clinical Assistant

    Leadership is a skill that has been important throughout Jordyn’s life and she hopes to inspire young adults and teens to be confident leaders. She views Paradigm as a place for them to explore their identities in a safe environment and to learn the skills to overcome a multitude of hardships. Jordyn hopes to help teens learn to express themselves in a positive way and sees Paradigm as a step on their mental health journey. Jordyn was an Experiential Learning Specialist and Mentor at Camp EDMO in the North Bay area where she worked to help youth reach their academic and personal goals while cultivating a family-focused method to holistically address concerns. She earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology, a second major in Human Development, and certificates in Adolescent and Mindfulness Studies at Washington State University at Pullman. Jordyn is a former college athlete and now enjoys exercise, yoga and theater in her free time. She also has eight years of expertise playing the flute and ten years of choir experience.