Kelani Cross

Kelani Cross

HR Specialist

    Kelani received her certification in Clarity Direct Neurofeedback from the Dublin Clinic in LA and provides sessions to youth, in conjunction with their greater treatment goals.  She’s also certified in P.E.T (Parent Effectiveness Training) sessions, which she offers to Paradigm parents.  Kelani also works with youth in equine and animal assisted therapies and coordinates and facilitates the alumni events, which are designed to bring youth together to inspire, sustain, and celebrate their continued healing and growth.

    Prior to joining the Paradigm team, Kelani served as a house manager for a residential dual diagnosis program and at the Teen Project for Homeless Youth in Venice, California.  In addition to her work at Paradigm, she is actively involved in sponsoring women in recovery, local and international volunteer work, Jiu Jitsu and surfing.  Kelani deeply enjoys helping youth to discover their own authentic paths toward authentic healing and exciting new potential of life.