megan bruel

Megan Bruehl, BS, CTR, RTC, CTRS #84514, RTC #5315-T

Recreational Specialist & Clinical Assistant

    Megan is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) and certified yoga teacher who focuses her practice on mindfulness techniques and building positive experiences through structured, healthy recreational activities. Megan has worked with youth for the last 10 years in a variety of roles including organizing and serving in community events, volunteering as a tutor for junior high school and ESL students, tutoring youth in foster care, and has spent the last few years as a Clinical Assistant with Paradigm. She also has experience counseling and leading therapeutic recreation groups for all ages at an inpatient behavioral health hospital setting, in addition to currently serving as a volunteer Crisis Counselor for Crisis Text Line. Megan believes play is the cornerstone of development across the lifespan. Her clinical approach considers and nurtures each individual’s unique gifts and sense of joy. Megan’s goal is to provide a supportive environment in which clients can safely ask themselves the necessary questions to heal, clarify their values, and live a meaningful life that aligns with their strengths and purpose. In her free time, Megan enjoys a variety of leisure activities that connect her to her own playful spirit, including dancing, hiking, rock-climbing, baking, and playing board games.