Natalie Claxton

Natalie Claxton, M.A., AMFT #124233, APCC #9182


    Natalie holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with a Marriage and Family Therapy emphasis from Pepperdine University. Before coming to Paradigm, Natalie had experience as an MFT trainee providing individual and group therapy for teenagers with depression and anxiety, as well as working with adults in a community mental health setting. Natalie has also worked as a Community Counselor at Clearview Treatment Women’s Center in Los Angeles, providing skills coaching and supporting women with borderline personality disorder. 

    Natalie completed training in DBT, mindfulness, CBT and Psychodynamic therapy perspectives. Natalie’s approach is to help clients gain insight into their thought patterns and behaviors while providing a therapeutic relationship based on validation and empathy. Natalie aims to help clients foster radical self-acceptance and awareness of their strengths so they can reach their personal goals and gain resilience. Natalie enjoys practicing yoga and going hiking.