Priscilla Ng

Priscilla Ng, B.A., CRT, CTRS

Clinical Assistant

    Priscilla believes bringing people outdoors is a great way to promote their physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. She likes to consider the five domains of social, physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual health when planning interventions to meet the needs of her clients. She is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and a Certified Recreation Therapist. Priscilla earned a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Therapy and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism. She has worked as a recreation therapy intern coordinator at a retirement community and as a part-time desk supervisor at a rock-climbing gym. She would like to gain more experience in adventure therapy. Priscilla is an avid rock-climber who also enjoys hiking, archery, acroyoga, longboarding, slacklining, reading and board games.