regan wilson

Regan Wilson, B.A.

Director of Wellness & Nutrition

    Regan Wilson has been teaching yoga and studying holistic health and wellness for 20 years. Regan graduated from University of Colorado at Boulder, and later from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) with a specialization on gut-affected psychological symptoms. More recently she graduated from The Sleep Coach School with a focus on teenagers and young adults. Her prir positions span many industries including non-profit organizations, fashion and real estate. Ultimately, she found she was most passionate about health and helping teens and young adults cultivate their intuitive voices for healthier eating, sleeping, movement and beyond.

    In 2019 Regan started working as a Clinical Assistant at Paradigm, where she was able to learn about the effects of psychology on health and the need for support with teens and young adults who struggle with mental health. Regan is also educated in nutrition counseling, mindful eating, intuitive eating, eating disorders and yoga therapy. Regan likes to guide her clients to tap into their inner resources and shine light on their own intuitive voices, creating space for more self-compassion and healthy eating habits. Regan is approachable and compassionate and loves witnessing her clients find the tools that work for them and apply these tools to all avenues of healthy living. Her hope for all clients is for them to honor their own body, humanity, taste buds, hunger and fullness. Regan loves traveling, ecstatic dance, hiking, nature and cooking.