Siana Orun-Walker, B.A.

Director of Client Development & Initiatives

    Siana specializes in experiential therapy, emotional intelligence, and personal development. She Is a trail blazer in the realm of youth development and focuses on assisting our youth with staying on track with their treatment goals. Siana has worked with the youth for over a decade leading and facilitating personal development groups and workshops. Some of the initiatives she’s developed are our “LifeSkills Group” to support our alumni in integrating what they’ve learned in our residential program post treatment, and “SHIFT” our diversity & inclusion program that encourages cultural competency in the field of mental health while providing resources for our staff, clients, and the community. Siana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts from HBCU-Virginia State University and is a graduate of MITT-Mastery in Transformational Training. She dedicates her life to impacting as many lives as she can by being of service, encouraging transformation, and inspiring breakthroughs.

    Watch Siana’s YouTube video below: