Sylvia Montano, Psy.D Trainee**

Pre-Doctoral Therapist

    Sylvia Montano is completing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from California Lutheran University, where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Clinical Psychology. Her experience as a mental health provider began, a few years ago, in providing in-home behavior-based therapy to children with developmental and neurocognitive disorders. Through experience and education, her clinical work became grounded in a psychodynamic approach, that utilizes a Kleinian Object Relations Theory through a cultural lens, which she has found effective in helping adolescents develop as unique individuals who can effectively contribute to and value the systems of which they are a part – family, school, team, and community.

    Sylvia is experienced in working with teens and families that have been impacted by trauma, violence, teen depressive disorders, psychotic disorders, and the effects of substance use disorders. She specializes in grief work, especially with end-of-life loss and significant life transitions; her therapeutic experience with individuals across a full life-span has given her an appreciation for the importance of the life transition that is adolescence. Sylvia enjoys new places, cultures, and people – especially the possibilities of her teen clients – and the beautiful nature.