Parents: Enjoy Your Teen While You Have Them





Adolescence is such a wonderful stage of life. Although there might be headaches and heartaches that show up from time to time in the relationship you have with your teen, in general, this is a great time to strengthen the relationship with your child. This article will provide ways to enjoy your teen while they are still with you. You may find that in a few short years, they will be off to college or traveling in another country, or working full time in another city. Now’s the time to have a positive influence on your teenager and to enjoy their company.


Practice healthy coping tools together.



Use relaxation tools. When you practice healthy living together with your teen you send the message that this is an important part of life. You also suggest that because you’re making time for it it’s important to you. You might teach your teen that when the mind and body are relaxed, inner resources become more accessible. In a relaxed state, perceptions change and answers to problems might rise to the surface. Together, you and your teen might meditate, practice yoga, or use guided imagery to go to various imagined peaceful places.


Make a gratitude list. This can be a fun activity to do together, which can create feelings of appreciation for each other as well. Your teen might enjoy that you’re inviting them into a positive experience and an opportunity to see their life in a joyful way. Together, you might write out what brings the two of you joy and happiness. Make a list of the people whom you rely on and how they have helped out in the past. Write down the places you’ve visited that have brought you pleasant experiences.


Let your teen know you care.



Buy something special for your teen – for no reason. Perhaps you get your teen his favorite snack and surprise it in his lunch. Or perhaps you get your creative teen a new set of colored pencils.


Make time for healthy communication. If there are arguments or fights (and there might be!), take time to discuss what happened. Do your best to repair the relationship with your teen, letting them know that it’s their behavior you don’t appreciate, not who they are.


Take risks together.



Role play with your teen. Pretend to be someone you admire and have your teen do the same. You might also talk to your teen as though they were someone else’s child. Speak in kind terms and let them know how special they are.


Have fun together.



Give your teen a day off from household chores. Perhaps you need to let the whole family off duty. But your teen will definitely appreciate the extra time off.


Be creative together. Enjoy an afternoon of painting, writing, sculpting, or however the muse inspires you.


Join your teen out on the town one night. Enjoy the nightlife together while staying sober and having fun.


Have a good laugh with your teen. You might especially laugh about the things that only the two of you think is funny. Repeat a few inside jokes. Watch a favorite funny movie together.


Take a mini-vacation together. Take a day trip to your favorite beach or seaside town. Go camping for the weekend. Or drive to a National Park and enjoy a few good hikes.


These are suggestions for enjoying your relationship with your teen while they are still with you. You will find that as your love and appreciation grows for your teen, their love and appreciation will grow for you.