SHIFT Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

Paradigm SHIFT is a diversity and inclusion program specifically designed by Paradigm Treatment to serve three key constituencies of the brand; our clients, staff, and community. The SHIFT initiative’s mandate is to expand Paradigm Treatment beyond its offerings as a residential mental health treatment center for teens and young adults, into a multi-faceted educational resource that actively works to combat racism and prejudice in mental health treatment while increasing diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency.

Upcoming SHIFT Seminar: “Mapping Intersectionality & Mental Health: What Every Clinician, Therapist, Educator, & Parent Should Know”

Please join Siana Orun-Walker, Paradigm Director of Client Development & Initiatives, for an inspiring, informative conversation and process group, in which we will uncover unique challenges and opportunities inherent in exploring this growth edge for ourselves, our clients, students, and our communities.

This presentation will empower you with valuable information, interventions, and support designed to bolster your knowledge of intersectionality, awareness, cultural competence and confidence among your clients, patients, students, co-workers, counselors, and faculty.

Siana will cover a range of related and deeply insightful topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Identifying intersections and their impact
  • Biases around mental health
  • Ways to create a safe space for emotions to be authentically expressed
  • Normalizing the need for therapy
  • How social media impacts the mental health of youth and young adults
  • How to best assess mental health needs 

WHEN: Monday, June 6th, 2022 10-11am PST 

siana orun walker

Siana Orun-Walker, the creator of the SHIFT initiative, specializes in experiential therapy, emotional intelligence, and personal development. In addition to serving as Paradigm’s Director of Client Development & Initiatives, Siana is a trailblazer in the area of youth development and focuses on assisting our youth with staying on track with their treatment goals. Siana has worked with the youth for over a decade leading and facilitating personal development groups and workshops. Some of the initiatives she’s developed are our “Life Skills Group” to support our alumni in integrating what they’ve learned in our residential program post treatment, and “SHIFT” our diversity & inclusion program that encourages cultural competency in the field of mental health while providing resources for our staff, clients, and the community. Siana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts from HBCU-Virginia State University and is a graduate of MITT-Mastery in Transformational Training. She dedicates her life to impacting as many lives as she can by being of service, encouraging transformation, and inspiring breakthrough.