Addressing Gender Identity

Embracing Gender Expansive Youth

At Paradigm, we excel at understanding the challenges teens face in moving through adolescence. During this critical life phase, all teens are confronted by significant social, cultural and familial pressures which threaten integration of a healthy self concept. Here at Paradigm, we believe this particular passage is most profoundly difficult for those who are gender non-conforming. This is why we have developed a treatment philosophy that embraces the spectrum of gender identity and gender expression. We provide a safe space for youth to explore, understand, and integrate aspects of their identity which may have been lost or repressed in early childhood. It is a delicate time for clients and families which is why we incorporate a 360° perspective in therapies that work to align and affirm the client’s sense of self that is congruent with their expressed gender. Our staff is uniquely educated and trained in supporting the particular needs, challenges and goals of gender non-conforming and transgender youth, and their parents and siblings. And our program includes relationships with leading TransYouth medical and mental health support organizations so your child has access to the nation’s leading physicians both during and after treatment at Paradigm.

What Clients and Families Can Expect

  • Safe, community-based residential environments with an average of six (6) clients.
  • Therapists and staff who provide gender affirming approach in all client interactions and activities, including use of client’s preferred gender pronouns.
  • Choice of room accommodations that align with client’s expressed gender identity.
  • Freedom to engage in all activities in accordance with client’s expressed gender identity.
  • Daily individual therapy sessions.
  • Five (5) hours of family therapy, support, and multi-family sessions each week, including focused LGBT parenting groups and gender-focused education throughout treatment.
  • Identity-centered process groups at least twice (2) weekly to insure that all community members are knowledgeable and affirming of gender-questioning and gender expansive youth.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic testing & evaluation.
  • Expansive academic programming with collegiate tutoring.
  • Collaborative discharge planning with gender-affirming aftercare recommendations and consultation to clients and families.
  • Specialized groups for adolescents with athletic, arts and academic strengths.

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