Teens: Here’s How to Find the Right Part Time Job


If you are frequently asking your parents for money, then you might consider getting a job and earning the money you need yourself. Besides, it’s the beginning of the year and it’s a great time to start new things, begin new projects, and find a new way of life. For adolescents, that new way of life might be stepping out into the world and getting a part time job.


But not any job will work. You might want to consider the following suggestions for part time work. This way when you’re on your search, you can narrow options down to one that will work best for your needs, lifestyle, and future career.


Consider how many hours you can devote to a job. If you’re playing football or on the swim team in addition to going to school, then you might not have too many hours to devote to working. You might be able to do a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon or perhaps a full day of work on Sunday. Think about the time outside of school and other responsibilities that you can dedicate to working.


Take into account what you’d like to save for. You might be yearning to have a car of your own. Perhaps your parents are too busy to let you borrow one of their cars and you’re stuck at home most weekends. If you’re eager to buy a car, snowboard, surfboard, or another pricey item, perhaps you’re willing to work more hours than you thought. You might have to let go of a sports activity or another extra-curricular responsibility in order to leave yourself open to working more hours.


Think about a future career. If you already know that you’d like to be an engineer, artist, writer, or scientist, perhaps that’s the area of work you might a part time job. You might explore certain businesses, government agencies, or social service organizations to see if they’re hiring in your field. Why not get a job in the profession you’re considering? Starting early might give you a head start!!


Make a list of your strengths, likes, and interests. Although McDonald’s will give you a paycheck for the work you’ve done, you might not enjoy handing out French fries. Before you go searching for work, think about what you’d like to be doing. If you haven’t yet found a chosen profession, perhaps a simple list of your likes and dislikes can point you in the right direction.


Another point to keep in mind is that depending upon where you live in the country, you might have a hard time finding a job. Even if the part time work you find isn’t your ideal job, you might consider taking it anyway. Having work experience and a track record of responsible employment makes you attractive when you’re looking for your ideal job later.


Lastly, if you want support, reach out to your parents, teachers, and friends. They might know of a part time job or at the very least provide you with some encouragement.