Teens Speak About The Anxieties They Experience

In the fall of last year CNN did a special on teenager’s biggest challenges. They talked about the pressures of acceptance, balancing schoolwork and sleep, and planning for the future. And they invited the words of teenagers themselves. CNN created a venue for adolescents to comment on the biggest challenge they face in life, and here’s what they said:


I think that a teen’s biggest challenge is dealing with fitting in. It all starts with one guy who doesn’t have any self-esteem because of a rough time at home. He then takes to bullying to try to get self-esteem.


I think that a teen’s biggest challenge is the very rocky road that they travel to figure out who they really are.


I think a teen’s biggest challenge is fitting in and finding someone to accept who they really are.


I think finding true friends is the biggest challenge for teenagers, because you never know who your real friends are until times get rough.


If kids know their value from their parents, they will have a good chance of feeling good about themselves. If they know how much GOD values them, then they will have the best chance of feeling great about themselves.


I think teens’ biggest challenge is to be positive and never give up. Teens think mostly about what bad things will happen to them and sometimes they will give up. Teens don’t want to be bullied.


I think the one of the biggest challenges is trying to balance homework, after school sports practices, and part-time jobs while still having a life.


I think the biggest problems from experience is bullying, people gossiping about u, and basically just trying to fit in life.


I think the biggest challenge for teens is having abortions and having kids


I think that a teen’s biggest challenge is different for all ages. For seniors, it is getting ready for college. Juniors it is ACT’s or SAT’s. For sophomores, it’s grades and sports. For ninth grade, it’s finding your place in high school.


I think that the biggest problem is balancing homework from 7 different classes with finding time to sleep and take a break every once and awhile, while also dealing with every day social pressure by trying to fit in.


I think the biggest challenge is fitting in. Also from first hand, having a learning disability. When you have trouble with something, you don’t what to everybody finding out. I love to free write and now I don’t what for people to see my writing.


Teens need to focus on the future instead of making big mistakes now.


The biggest challenge facing teenagers is the fact that people in general (parents, sibling, friends, teachers, and society) put a label on what we should be and teenagers find themselves at a crossroads between trying to be yourself and trying to fit the standards already set for you. It can get a bit ridiculous.


Although there are many challenges and problems discussed in the media about what teens might face, it’s important to know what they’re actually saying. Many teens expressed the biggest challenge was fitting in with their peers and classmates. Others expressed balancing life responsibilities, while others said it was trying not to make mistakes in life now in order to create their future.




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