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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Jed Purses, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Emily Armour, along with engaging guests, provide powerful information for family members, professionals, and individuals looking to gain insight into treatment, mental health, and overall well-being to encourage more effective functioning as an individual and family member.

Emily and Jed, with guest Siana Orun-Walker talk about what neurodiversity means, how it applies to kids who learn and think differently and how we can create awareness, support others and interact with our own family members.

Emily and Jed discuss depression in adolescents, what it may look like, warning signs, and how to open a discussion with your loved one.

Emily, Jed, and guest Lucy Nguyen Bramwell, LMFT and Executive Director of Paradigm, discuss social media, navigating boundaries around it, and having conversations with your child about it.

Emily and Jed discuss what emotions are, what they do for us, and how we can interact with one another to increase relationship connection.

Emily and Jed break down what it means to gain insight in treatment and why this is an integral aspect of work necessary to improve mental health and overall functioning.

Emily and Jed delve into the complex world of residential treatment and what to expect in the beginning stages of treatment.