About Paradigm Treatment

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For over a decade, Paradigm Treatment has provided teens, young adults and their families with meticulously thought-through, Joint Commission-accredited mental health treatment in safe, luxurious, residential settings. We serve individuals between the ages of 12 – 26 who are experiencing moderate to severe mental health issues. Our in-depth processes for assessment, treatment and aftercare are painstakingly developed so as to best meet the unprecedented mental health concerns confronting today’s youth. Utilizing a curated blend of traditional, evidence-based and progressive therapeutic practices, Paradigm works closely with clients and their families to treat issues that include but are not limited to anxiety, depression, grief and loss, mood disorders and trauma. We treat the socio-emotional underpinnings of behaviors rather than simply focusing on behaviors themselves. As such, at Paradigm we do not use point systems, phase systems or other outdated behavior modification or punitive techniques. Rather, our approach focuses on the whole individual, and the unique needs of each and every client and family we serve. Paradigm prioritizes lasting efficacy as a cornerstone of its treatment philosophy, which empowers our young clients to build and hone the skills they need to lead meaningful, productive lives, long after they complete our program.