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“Paradigm saved our son’s life. While the experience, in all honesty, was very difficult for him and for our whole family, it was the needed and right place for our son to continue his journey to healing, The staff recognized the magnificent child underneath the issues and helped him begin to believe there was a cause for hope and to hold on and do the deep, hard work of addressing trauma. As parents, we felt supported and our therapists and staff worked hard to work with us and our son well. I will not say this was an easy experience or that we would ever want to repeat it, but it turned out to be what was needed in our case.” – Kimberly S.

“I don’t know what we would have done without Paradigm Malibu. Because our son was having some pretty major med-resistant mental illness, no other short term residential in the area was capable of caring for him after repeated hospitalizations. The therapy we received from Paradigm was life changing for our family. We learned how to share our feelings and emotions with each other, as well as receive them. And, when the specialists at the hospital told me this was as good as it gets, it was our doctor at Paradigm who fought for our son to receive another level of treatment, giving his a chance to get his life back. We have a long road ahead still, but the foundation we built with the support of all the therapists is what we still rely on and we will continue to build on. I would recommend to any parent considering Paradigm Malibu that they release a lot of what they know, maybe even most of what they know, and embrace their alternative ways to approach emotions and behaviors. In many ways, I learned we were doing life the hard way, when it came to how we were relating to one another. While there, I was privileged to witness deep changes in myself and my own family, as well as the same in the other families there. It was a fascinating, beautiful, challenging experience, and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity.” – Jen

“My daughter attended Paradigm when her depression/anxiety were spiraling out of control. She was having suicidal ideation and cutting behaviors, and had disengaged in life completely and I did not know where to turn. I decided on Paradigm and am so thankful I did as I truly believe it helped save my daughter. Her counselors were wonderful and she has had nothing but positive things to say about them. Her family counselor Cameron truly has a gift and has been a blessing to our family. Dr. Neumann, the psychiatrist, was excellent and always selected natural treatments before entertaining medications which I appreciated. The food was delicious and nutritious and they even provided vegan options for my daughter. The setting is beautiful and It is expensive however if you can afford it I believe it is worth the investment. The only negatives are on the business end. My advice would be to make sure you have communicated clearly with your insurance company prior to admittance because you have to pay upfront the day of admission and then it is not a priority of Paradigm to attempt to get you reimbursement. I would not hesitate to send my daughter back to Paradigm again if needed and have already recommended it to other parents who’s children are struggling with similar issues.” – Mother of a 17 y/o

“Paradigm was the best thing that could have happened to our family! Our 15 year old spent 2 months at Paradigm this past winter to deal with issues of anxiety, depression, and self harm, and her experience there changed her life forever. The counselors are all so caring and kind, unbelievably professional and knowledgeable, and truly know how to relate to teenagers. The medical staff was extremely thorough in doing assessments and making sure that she was on the right medicine and the right levels. My husband and I (and sometimes our other children) travelled to Malibu every weekend from Ohio for the family sessions and those Saturdays together with other families who were going through similar experiences with their children were so incredibly helpful, and the family therapy on those Saturdays was invaluable. I would highly encourage families to do whatever they can to try to make each of these weekend sessions. The kids at Paradigm were all such great kids and provide so much support for each other. Four months have passed since coming home and having our sweet, happy girl back is the best thing that could have ever happened. Paradigm really armed her with the skills she needed to go forward in a positive way. She loves to call and catch up with staff members every couple of weeks – the staff members at Paradigm meant so much to her and will always hold a special place in her heart! We are eternally grateful to everyone at Paradigm – they were truly an answer to a prayer! Although it’s expensive, there is not a better life gift you could give to your struggling child – he/she will be cared for by top professionals in a warm, supportive environment and will be given the perfect amount of push/encouragement to address his/her issues and learn positive skills for handling his/her emotions.” – Suzie D.

“Can’t say enough good things. The team really took time to understand our son and his needs. While at Paradigm not only did our son make great strides but our whole family was able to grow.” – Doug

“I truly believe they have possibly saved my child’s life. Everyone involved is so caring and seems to know exactly how to get through to the kids. Parents also get great training and assistance. My son was here twice and I don’t think he will need to come back again. I can not say enough good things about this place. This is the treatment and therapy that we need to provide to all our children before things spiral out of hand.” – Eric

“I can honestly say that Paradigm, with their caring, supportive staff, saved my son’s life. The young adult we picked up on his last day of Paradigm was not the same lost soul that we dropped off a month earlier. It’s been 5 months of sobriety, and the confidence and insight that he gained during his time at Paradigm turned his life around. I thank the higher powers that led me to Paradigm’s web site on that fateful night in January — and am forever grateful to them for helping him towards a healthy path to adulthood.” – Janis

“July 20, 2020 – Paradigm Malibu was the best thing that could have happened for my son and our entire family. Dr. Chelsea Neuman and the entire staff run a therapeutic program that provides a wonderful peaceful environment where the overall approach focuses on understanding the root problem of each client; the client’s mental, physical and emotional healing; helping each client developing coping skills to face potential future challenges, hygiene, nutrition and overall well-being of each individual. Paradigm Malibu also focuses on the home environment and provides entire family with the necessary counseling and other assistance to assure the returning client can thrive rather than returning to digress in the same atmosphere before entry. I give the Paradigm Malibu program my highest endorsement. I don’t know where my son or my family will be right now without the help of God allowing us to find this program.” – Edward”

“My 17 y/o daughter suffers from mental health challenges – primarily anxiety and depression. We chose Paradigm Malibu for her care last fall because of the amazing testimonials we saw on-line, combined with the facility’s commitment to providing daily 1:1 therapy to address the underlying issues causing problems for our teens. At Paradigm Malibu, our daughter was provided the structure, support and therapy that she needed to initiate her healing process. Besides the intense individual therapy she received and multiple process groups she participated in every day, she also attended 12-step meetings in the community. As a result of this combination, she was able to “dig in” and start to address the root causes for her emotional struggles and acting out behavior. The therapeutic team we worked with at Paradigm Malibu was amazing. Madison’s skillful work with my daughter in their 1:1 sessions instilled a new sense of self-awareness, self-love and effective communication that she didn’t have before. Cameron’s keen insight and calm demeanor made our weekly family therapy sessions productive for all. And Kyle’s Saturday family sessions provided an excellent forum for education, support, and deep family work. We have also utilized the aftercare services – Cameron and Madison’s willingness to provide on the spot coaching has helped us get thru a few challenging situations and decisions. We are ever grateful for the Paradigm Malibu team!” – A loving Parent – 1/25/2020

“My daughter struggled with anxiety and depression last year. Things quickly went from bad to worse – we found ourselves sleeping on her floor to keep her safe – and none of her doctors seemed to be able to help her. We tried some of the best therapists & programs: a top anxiety specialist in SF, the “gold standard” DBT program in Palo Alto. Days before her graduation from her 4 month IOP, she was admitted to the hospital and it was recommended that we go the residential route. It was like a punch to the gut. It was an emotional time but we only had a few days to figure things out. I decided against paying a consultant – so costly and didn’t see the value if I put in the time to figure things out. The social worker gave us 4 relatively local options (family therapy needed to be part of our care plan). I called them all and dug into their programs. Most had space in the next 1-2 weeks. One called me back and aggressively tried to get me into their program (to this day I am sure she was being paid a significant referral fee). I dug up all the research I could find on these care centers: Yelp, Google, GlassDoor and anything else. In the end, I found that Paradigm was the only one that had consistently excellent reviews everywhere. The back office team was not super organized. But after speaking with the chief clinical officer and reviewing their program, I felt very comfortable with the choice. Thankfully they were able to admit her quickly. As this is getting long, I will share a few summary points: -The facility in SF is wonderful. It doesn’t feel like a clinical environment and my daughter benefitted from the fact that they don’t have a point/level system, which made her feel more motivated and “normal” -I liked that the program focuses on total self-care: good quality meals are served daily and exercise is a core part of the program. -The clinicians are amazing, esp. Melissa and Brian. We were very grateful to have them on our team. Both fostered deep connections with our daughter and our family. -The Saturday family program was an excellent component – it was the first time we had support from other parents who were going through a similar experience. -The team worked extremely well with our insurance company and helped us get the maximum possible coverage. I’ve had several weeks to reflect at this point. There’s nothing that can prepare you for a crisis like this one, and, as a parent, you’re in a position where you have to move ridiculously quickly with limited information. I am very happy with the decision we made to go to Paradigm – the team is caring, talented and most importantly, helped my daughter find herself. She is now much stronger and more resilien and for that we will be forever grateful. If you have any questions about our experience, feel free to reach out.” – Natalie S. –  9/29/19

“We literally traveled the world to place our daughter at Paradigm. Our (Dutch) family lives in the Netherlands. When our 15 year old daughter was really struggling with a major depression we couldn’t find the right support in our country. After extensive research we choose Paradigm Malibu for her treatment. After six weeks she had made major progress and we returned to the Netherlands. She resumed school and picked up her life. However due to waiting lists for mental care in our country she had no follow up therapy and she relapsed. She once more went to Paradigm, and once again they got her back on her feet. The team is amazing, not only working with the teens but also with the other family members. The family sessions have been life changing for all of us. The team helped us find a therapeutic boarding school in the US, where our daughter will graduate spring 2018. We are now even looking at colleges in the US. We are still in regular contact with the Paradigm team, who are all amazing and warm people. Not just the therapists, everyone from the admissions director to the teachers to the chefs that prepare the (fantastic) meals were truly committed to helping the teens!” D.R.

“Our son was there for 60+ days and it may have saved his life. He went there when he was 18 and an addict. After getting the drugs out of his system, he had intense therapy of all types, individual, group, AA meetings, and with family (we’d visit on weekends). The therapists were amazing for our son and he made life-changing progress and left with countless tools to help him in his future. It’s an amazing facility and the kids there are really struggling and fighting. But, for those that can afford it, it’s all a parent could ask. That said, they could improve the basic communications – perhaps status calls, more timely replies to email, and having varying members of a client (patient) team be more in sync with one another. We ran into a few cases where the comms were either slow, inconsistent, or just lacking. This doesn’t take away from our son leaving in a much better place; so the message is, you need to trust the team there and not worry, as a parent, about why you’re not getting daily calls from the staff – that’s not what it’s for. This place is one we’ll never ever forget, our son is now 90+ days sober because of what Paradigm did.” – Ben

“My son has struggled with depression and anxiety since middle school. Although he saw a psychiatrist and a therapist, he went down a path that ended in addiction to Xanax, and other drugs. We knew he was in trouble but it became increasingly clear that his life was out of control in October of 2016. I researched treatment centers specializing in dual diagnosis for days. After seeing Paradigm’s website, I quickly compared all others to theirs. This is what I wanted for my son. The trick was getting him to agree to go. He was a senior in high school but was 18. Call it define intervention. He quickly agreed that he needed help. It certainly did not hurt that Paradigm was in California near the beach! (We live in Chicago). From the moment he arrived, we knew he was in good hands. The staff at Paradigm is outstanding! He quickly bonded with Eric, his main therapist. Eric guided him and encouraged him to be honest with himself. The group therapy was invaluable. Meeting peers with similar issues and holding each other accountable in a respectful and honest way really helped my son with his self -advocacy. The family therapy on Saturdays was unbelievably healing and educational for us. Even though it was a challenge to fly to California on the weekends, this program proved to be what healed us as a family. Our family therapist, Brian, went above and beyond to accommodate our phone sessions. He was insightful, kind, and professional. Paradigm certainly knows how to hire therapists who relate and bond with the young clientele as well as the families. I can’t say enough about the professional and extensive staff. Marcus, Theresa, Dustin, Brian, Dr. O, Eric, chef Cynthia and many others. They all played a part in healing my son. The wide variety of modalities that Paradigm uses for healing are impressive. A client will find something that resonates with them. I never thought my son would practice, let alone like, yoga. He loved the meditation, equine therapy, and trips to the beach. The staff understands the importance of the mind/body connection. All of this helped him on his healing journey. If you have a child that is in trouble with substances or struggles with mental health issues, Paradigm is a place to highly consider. My son changed in the 35 days he was there. He was able to graduate high school a semester early and has moved to California to go to Community College. He is doing well and is motivated to stay sober. He will use the tools he learned at Paradigm for the rest of his life. Thanks to everyone at Paradigm. Thank you for giving us our son back.” – Cindy K.

“We lost one of our younger sons to suicide, which nearly destroyed his twin brother and the rest of our family. Sadly, over the next two years, each therapist we tried made matters considerably worse, to the point where we almost lost our surviving twin twice. We then discovered Paradigm Malibu. The loving, compassionate and knowledgeable staff took in our shattered son and began the nearly impossible process of helping him want to live again. They helped him learn to face the loss of his twin brother and begin the painfully difficult process of rebuilding his new identity – a process only made possible through the incredible support of the staff AND the other clients who learn to trust and support each other without judgement. The Paradigm team extended the same love, support and education to our family, and we are now all back together, finally moving forward again with hope. There is no doubt that Paradigm saved our son and our family – and we are eternally grateful.” – Bob Walden

“It’s the one program that allowed my child to continue his school work. The parent weekend involvement/training changed all of our lives. The place is beautiful, the staff highly qualified and always available to help. It’s been almost a year since my child left and he still calls occasionally for guidance. I could not ask for more.” – Clarke Simpson

“What I love about Paradigm…Someone is ALWAYS available to answer & asset with any questions. Therapist are some of the best in the business & genuinely love their jobs & the teens they work with. The food is so good & healthy. My son learned a lot about taking care of his body is many ways & it has all stuck with him. Jaden eats really healthy. I absolutely recommend attending the Saturday Family Group, Saturdays at paradigm taught me a lot, not only about the dynamics of our family but about myself & how I can help to make our family better & understand this generation of kids that we are raising.” – Tracy Lockard

“Our son spent six weeks living and learning at Paradigm in Malibu. He struggles with depression and anxiety and it got to the point where he needed to spend some time in a focused in patient program to help him work on himself. After much research, we settled on Paradigm and it was the right decision to make. The facilities are amazing and the staff incredibly caring, wonderful professionals. Our son made a lot of progress while he was there, with the help of Dustin, Jay, Markus, Andy and the rest of fantastic team. The work continues now that he’s home again but Paradigm has helped us tremendously on our journey to wellness. I would recommend this program for any young person who is looking for an in-patient facility.” – Pat and Cheryl

“It’s been three months since my 17-year-old son returned to us from his 30-day stay at Paradigm Malibu and, I can honestly say, I have never seen him happier, more optimistic, or more excited about his future. This program not only saved my son’s life, it provided him a means by which to heal, as well as an array of tools for dealing with his anxiety and depression. Too, and just as importantly, it taught my husband and me how to be better parents to our teenager; how to more effectively communicate with him; and how to let him be responsible for his own happiness. Like so many other deeply grateful parents, I can’t say enough about the team of therapists whose expertise, kindness, compassion and dedication drew my son out of his dark depression, challenged him to challenge himself, re-instilled in him the will to live, and brought the beautiful smile back to his face. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” – Chantal Cocoran

“The team, knowledge, protocols and community at Paradigm gave us hope when we didn’t think it was possible! Our 16-year has been struggling with anxiety and severe depression and seemed stuck. We felt we had no where else to go. After 40 days, I feel like we’ve gotten our daughter back! Its been an amazing experience. She now has tools, perspective, improved self love and a resilience we haven’t seen in two years. We have much work to do going forward but I can’t express how appreciative we are to have her back, and an opportunity for the future she deserves.” – Parent of a 16 y/o

“Paradigm helped bring our son back. Our son suffered from depression and anxiety which severely increased after he lost his grandmother. As parents, we didn’t know how else to help him. We were under a physician and therapist’s care but it wasn’t enough. I reached out to Jeremy several times with many questions regarding insurance, the types of therapy offered, typical days, etc. He always responded in a timely manner. He also referred me to another family so that I could ask them questions. Within a few days we visited Paradigm and our son stayed. Leaving our son in Malibu was the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do, but it was the best decision we ever made! Jay and Steve helped him feel right at home which put our minds at ease. The staff was extremely communicative and we could call anytime. There were therapists on site 24 hours a day who were available to speak with the youth at any time. The daily art, music, equine therapy, paddle boarding, surfing and physical exercise provided several tools to help work through his depression and anxiety. Healthy nutrition also played a large part in feeling better. Not only did he obtain excellent skills, he also developed bonds with others that could relate. Markus, Dustin, and Erin were instrumental in daily individual and weekly family therapy sessions via skype. We always looked forward to Saturdays which consisted of parent sessions, group sessions and seeing the progress that our son was making. Let’s not forget the outstanding food at lunchtime! Our son stayed at Paradigm for 60 days. Although there were tough discussions during our family sessions the end result was worth it. There have been ups and downs since he’s been home but we are all more equipped as a family to deal with them. We’ve remained in contact with therapists, families, and friends that we made. Markus, Erin, Ariel, Jessica, and Dustin helped with the transition home…the care didn’t stop at 60 days. The IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) that our son attended at home was just “ok”. There were several times that he picked up the phone to speak with the therapists at Paradigm for extra support. We continue to visit on Saturdays when we can. The door is always open at Paradigm and we are truly grateful.” – Jennifer C.

“Paradigm was a wonderful choice for our daughter/family because it worked at the root of her/our problems. They continually told us that her behavior (outburst, failing school, isolation, food and withdrawal) was just a symptom of a deeper problem. While we didn’t believe it at first, after about three weeks we began to hear and see what were the real issues. I believe this was due to the 24/7 constant staff making her responsible for her actions. Paradigm works with the whole person; from food, exercise, group therapy as well as individual therapy. Our daughter was provided with constant healthy nutrition, which I believe is so important to mental health. They showed her the benefits of all different kinds of exercise i.e, yoga, hiking, health club and many other types of group exercise. We thought that the group therapy was a key part of her success as you are hearing others stories and not just focusing on your own also, it was benificial for her to hear her peers perspective of her problems. I really felt confident with the care because when my daughters old habits started to show up again they were right on top of it by making her responsible for her actions. While we were concerned about having our daughter in Malibu (we are from Minnesota) they assured us she was safe and well cared for (as did she). We saw our daughter each week as one of us parents would fly to California each week for family day. It was very trying to be gone from home, work and our other children each week. But after all was said and done it was worth it to be with her every week working on establishing new skills. Paradigm was beautiful, clean and caring. I would highly recommend Paradigm to anybody looking to make a positive change in their child’s behavior.” – Tracie R.

“After a year of unpredictable ups and downs, regular therapy, out patient treatment, home schooling, trying everything possible to help my son, researching, calling and visiting numerous residential treatment centers, I visited Paradigm and found our solution. During admissions, Jeremy Manne responded all to of my questions honestly and fully. He and Cole Rucker met with my son and also with my family. They answered our questions and made our son feel like he was choosing the right thing for himself, they were empathetic and helpful… he immediately trusted Paradigm. We were guided together as a family through admissions where we felt safe, respected and heard. The team at Paradigm is nothing short of amazing. They work diligently together to create an open, safe, honest space for the adolescents, siblings and parents to begin to rebuild their relationship with themselves and each other after the traumas of drug abuse, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and more. My son had severe drug issues with depression and anxiety. The team at Paradigm helped my son to tap into and process emotions and past trauma that were causing him to stop living his life. They gave him the tools to cope. In short, Paradigm gave my son back his life. It was challenging, my son was challenging and it was everything we needed. We also know this is going to be an ongoing process and we have a lot more work to do and will have more challenges, however, we all feel more prepared that we will respond in a way that is supportive and solution oriented for all of us. The therapy for my son was non-stop, from surfing early morning, to the gym, to ropes courses, equine therapy, drama therapy, group therapy, family therapy, individual therapy, group family therapy! There was a perfect amount of fun and challenge… All of it so extremely helpful for my son and for our family. Paradigm is dedicated to each child and their individual needs, their approach is a perfect combination of clinical and holistic therapies… and they work. Through this time we, as a family, have gained a lifetime of tools necessary for a successful, supportive and communicative family dynamic. We continue to go to Paradigm on weekends for Family Group sessions where we continue to process, learn and grow (and eat the amazing food). One of the most important things for me was that my son have good organic, healthy food, as food absolutely contributes to a healthier detox and a better emotional state… Paradigm provides world class food with world class chefs.. (Thank you Erik and Brandon). We feel we have an extended family with Paradigm. My son is now continuing to do great work in a therapeutic boarding school that he has chosen and is living his life again. He is happy, having fun, enjoying school and learning, excelling in new interests while also continuing to do the many things he loves to do, while getting the help he needs. He is continuing to use the tools he learned at Paradigm. He gained so much from his many role models at Paradigm… patience, listening, empathy, compassion, honor, truth, humor, courage, challenge, non-judgement, being ok with failure, self love, learning not to give up, the feeling of success. Thank you Markus, Steve, Dr. Luzano, Andy, Dustin, Derek, Sam, Mia, Erin, Liz, Hunter, Julie, Bijana, Jay, Eder, Caroline, Lou, Jerri Anna, Kathie, Jeff and any of you I have not yet met. Each of you have all helped us immensely in some way as a family through one of the most difficult times of our lives. You made it easier, you made it fun and when things were really going down, you were there for us immediately. I learned to trust all of you and your highly educated recommendations. I am sure we were challenging and I thank you so much for putting up with us! I have an amazing relationship with my son and my family and I owe that to Paradigm. I am grateful beyond words.” – Linda

“Making the daunting decisions of where to get help for your loved one is a very tall mountain of considerations. After screening the hundreds of available resources…. 98% of them are eliminated. The remaining possibilities: phone interviews, accessible in distance or communications with the treatment center and your child. Is it even possible to be involved in your child/ family’s healing? The few possible options upon touring the facility was the real eye opener! Everything looked good on the website….the phone interview was good, and even hopeful…..Not!! Finally !!! The one center, Paradigm Malibu has the most comprehensive treatments available. Ranging from traditional to alternatives that have proven success. Combining the individual, family, and group sessions daily is hard work for the adolescent. The reward is unbelievable for your child! A real honest sense of a calmer understanding of themselves. A maturity happens….and even smiles, hugs and laughter come with renewed confidence for them. I am so grateful for their expertise and passion for what they do for their clients….. The child that I once knew has returned, better, stronger, and willing to be happy!! Thank you so much Paradigm!” – Ellen S.

“Words are not enough to express how grateful I am for the help our family received at Paradigm Malibu. Our 16 year-old daughter spent 6 weeks at Escondido House for depression and self-harm. When she was 17, she spent 10 more weeks at Cliffside. Before Paradigm, we were afraid for her safety and mystified as to why she was so miserable. We were desperate to find help. I had researched many places that claimed to offer treatment for her issues, only to find them disappointing, clueless or downright scary. When I finally called Paradigm Malibu, I heaved a sigh of relief when the person I spoke to (Jeremy Manne) was intelligent, knowledgeable, empathetic and HELPFUL. Over the course of several days, I had many lengthy phone conversations with Paradigm Malibu about my daughter, their program and whether or not it might be a good fit for her. I never felt rushed or pressured. I truly had the sense that everyone at Paradigm actually wanted to help us. Once we decided to admit her, our daughter most definitely did NOT want to go. Paradigm coached us during that difficult time, helping to make the process as smooth and painless as possible. When she finally began her stay at Escondido House, we were relieved to find that the program was, as we had hoped, stellar. Our daughter quickly settled in. She slowly began to get better. I really can’t say enough about the quality of the therapy and the caliber of the therapists at Paradigm Malibu. Every single person on our daughter’s team was brilliant, compassionate and highly, highly skilled. I am particularly grateful to Dustin Wagner who was her primary therapist during her first stay and our family therapist during her second stay. He had an amazing ability to identify, articulate and focus on difficult issues without alienating anyone. Thank you, Dustin – we love you! Thank you also to Dr. Nalin, Cole Rucker, Dr. Luzano, Steve, Shannon, Cindy, Jay, Kelani and Jerri Anna. Thank you to EVERYONE who was on our daughter’s team – all were spectacular, all were an integral part of our family’s healing process. Paradigm Malibu was not a quick fix for us. We brought our daughter in to be “fixed,” but we realized pretty quickly that her problems had a great deal to do with larger family issues. Fortunately, the therapy at Paradigm focused on the issues underlying her depression as they related to our family as a whole. We began to learn how to communicate with each other. We began to heal. Our daughter improved greatly during her first stay at Paradigm. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a good local therapy team when she returned home. Without sufficient follow up support, the pressures of high school and our unresolved family issues took her to a very bad place again. During her second stay at Paradigm, I think we tried much harder as a family to work through our issues and we also made sure that she had a solid therapy follow up plan in place before her discharge. Since she left Cliffside, we have all continued to use the tools that we learned at Paradigm Malibu to the best of our ability. As a result, although there have been some bumps along the way, both our daughter and our family as a whole are TRULY better. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that things were ever as bad as they were in 2014. Thank you Paradigm. Thank you for giving us our daughter back. Thank you for healing our family.” – Liz

“I stayed at Paradigm (Meadows house) for two months. I was struggling with many things, including self-harm and suicidal ideation. I had been in hospitals before, and was used to strict professionals who were just there for the paycheck. I got there with a closed mind preparing myself for the worst: . I couldn’t have been more wrong. i walked into a beautiful house with tennis courts, a pool, and spotless rooms. The other clients were in school (3 hours set apart for schoolwork or therapy work) when I came, but a client came to greet me, saying how excited they were to have me here. I was immediately put at ease. The staff there are incredible. They are truly passionate about their job, and it shows. Apart from ever so patiently leading groups and chaperoning us at activities, they are open and caring and can tell when you’re feeling down. They have changed my life and inspired me. A common concern may be the clients. I know my mom was scared to send me off because she didn’t want me to be exposed to things or be in danger. But I can honestly say that all of the clients were there because they wanted to get better. They were all very nice people who not only cared about their self-improvement but cared about the people around them and contributed to a safe, positive environment. They were (and still are) another family to me. We became very close friends and still serve as accountability to each other. It should go without saying that the therapy was truly life-changing. The staff to client ratio is very high, meaning that at almost any given time you could ask to talk to somebody. The groups were honest and open, and therapy was incorporated into almost everything we did, even the conversations we had with our fellow clients. The one-on-ones I have had with staff and the conversations I have had in group have left a lasting imprint on my life and have changed me for the better. Overall, Paradigm Malibu helped me turn my life completely around. I walked in a struggling, hopeless girl who thought she was broken beyond repair, and I walked out with feelings of hope and worth that I hadn’t felt in over a year. There are so many memories of wonderful people and stories that will forever remain in my mind. They make me glad to have called that place home.” – Samantha Martin

“I was a patient at Paradigm for 2 months and I can undeniably say that Paradigm has changed my life. When I first arrived, I was naturally terrified. My biggest worry is that I would not ‘fit in’ because God knows how hard it is for teenagers to make friends in new environments. However, I can 100% reassure you that you will make some of the most meaningful relationships of your whole life. I met other kids who were similar to me when I had existed in a world for so long thinking I was alone. The staff there is so, so kind and the activities they plan are playful yet sincere. I 100% recommend Paradigm Malibu for you (or your child). And the first few days are rough. They really are. But things get better. Your whole life gets better. You meet kids you can really rely on. And you meet adults who won’t betray or leave you. I wish I had gone to Paradigm earlier in my life, honestly. But nevertheless, some of the best days of my life happened while I was there.” – Reina N.

“There is no simple way to summarize my experience at Paradigm. It was tumultuous, trying, and overall some of the hardest months I’ve ever had. But all of it was incredibly necessary. Paradigm made those months MEAN something. They made those months bearable to the extent possible. Paradigm made it so that those months saved me. I came into Paradigm after a purposeful overdose; I was ready to take my own life. Paradigm was my parents’ last hope; they trusted Paradigm with my life. I wish I could say there was one thing that changed my whole life and made my depression subside. Then I could simply tell others to just do that ONE thing and everything will be better, but in the end it was a combination of things that changed everything. It was the early morning surfing, the ice cream runs, and the hikes. It was the morning and evening group therapy, the family sessions, and the amazing meals. Paradigm is the perfect balance between fun and serious. I spent many nights crying about my past, but also many moments contemplating how the things I was doing at Paradigm weren’t so bad… so maybe I didn’t have to die? To say that I loved the staff is an understatement. I feel so blessed to have worked with so many amazing people. They completely transformed my life. I felt truly loved and taken care of. People might think of treatment as this grim place where they are trapped, but for me Paradigm was what freed me. I am now living my life, happily and healthily. I owe everything to Paradigm, although I don’t think these words express my full gratitude, I would like to just say Thank You.” – K.M.

“As a patient at Paradigm, I first was resistant to treatment and getting help at all. I made this very clear to the staff, and to say the least I was a challenge. I thought I could push them away and they’d want me to leave so much they would just send me home early. However, the therapists and employees at Paradigm didn’t give up on me. Each one of them provided me with constant support, guidance, and an optimistic outlook. I grew to love the staff, the other clients, and built amazing connections with each individual. Paradigm was amazing at providing their teens with a safe, trusting, comfortable setting and community. I felt a genuine connection with the therapists and clinical assistants, as they cared for each client of theirs. After a 60 day stay, and intense therapy after my in-patient treatment therapy, I am now a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, happy, and most importantly– healthy.” – Shea McCracken

“My 16 year old son had an excellent experience at Paradigm. Thank you.” – M.K. Shoen

“Amazing help and staff – highly recommend them.” – Carmen

“I can’t begin to express our appreciation to the staff at paradigm! Our daughter entered the program in January and was being treated for anxiety and depression. She stayed for 60 days and our family has a whole new lease on life!” – Susie DIx (Google review)

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