Areas We Serve

Paradigm Treatment Center has three locations; one in Malibu, CA, Austin, TX, and San Rafael, CA. However, we open admissions to teens and young adults from anywhere in the U.S. Our facilities are safe, comfortable, and supportive environments where your child can heal. Using the latest research we customize treatment plans for each resident and help build their strengths and address any emotional difficulties.

Locations We Service:

Evidence-Based Treatment For Teens

Our treatment programs at Paradigm offer comprehensive and individualized care for adolescents and young adults who struggle with mental health disorders. Our treatments prioritize the individual as a whole through evaluations and assessments that help customize a treatment plan to meet an individual’s needs. Our staff uses evidence-based treatments in combination with traditional and progressive modalities. Thes theraputic modalities include:

Residents attend daily therapy sessions and perform group activities to help identify the root of their issues and teach healthy coping strategies. Alongside our mental health programs, we offer an academic program to help teens keep up with and excel in their schoolwork.  Our ultimate goal is to empower each teen or young adult at our facility so that they can learn how to manage their mental health and maintain their recovery long after they leave our program.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs For Teens

At Paradigm Treatment, we provide individualized treatment for substance use disorder. While our focus is on mental health, we recognize that teens and young adults may turn to substances to cope with mental health problems. For teens who come to us struggling with substances, we offer social detox which involves careful monitoring and both group and individual therapy. We believe addressing the underlying factors that lead to substance abuse is most effective in helping your child recover.

Mental Health Treatment Programs

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We understand that mental health struggles can be particularly difficult to manage for teens and young adults. Our programs offer traditional and holistic treatments to overcome mental challenges and threive. We offer treatment for a variety of mental health conditions including:

Learn More About How Paradigm Treatment Can Help Your Teen

Our team of highly-trained clinicians are experts in treating mental health issues in teens and young adults, ages 12 to 25. Our luxury, residential program is accredited by The Joint Commission, meaning we meet and exceed rigorous performance standards for our residential program and mental health treatments. We invite you to call today and explore our locations to learn more about how we can help your teen on their journey to recovery.

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