Types of Motivation Needed For Teen Mental Health

Since the early 1900’s, the scientists of psychology have tried to figure out why human beings behave the way they do. Exploring human behavior is the fascination of behaviorists, like B.F. Skinner and John B. Watson, who want to know what drives the observable behavior of human beings. Much of our behavior is driven by motivation. For instance, […]

How Parents Can Help a Lonely Teen

No parent wants to think that their teen is lonely and isolated from their peers. When you think of the high school experience, you probably think of events like dances, pep rallies, and parties that generally involve lots of people. If your teen is sitting home alone most nights, it’s easy to get worried about their social […]

Computer Addiction: Signs, Effects, Treatments

It’s 2018 and approximately 87 percent of Americans have a computer in their home. Computers have a wide variety of uses; people use them to work, to play games, to access the Internet, to send emails, and to post on social media. There’s no doubt about it: a computer (or a similar device such as a tablet […]

Depression and Happiness Pursuit: A Surprising Link

Recent studies show that there is a surprising link between depression and happiness pursuit – but how can chasing happiness lead to feelings of depression? Nobody wants to feel depressed. People want to feel happy. So it makes sense to pursue objects, relationships, and goals that you think will make you happy. Pursuing happiness is […]

What Connects Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD?

Mental health disorders are nothing to be ashamed of. They’re very common, and anybody can suffer from one. Mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are common, but aren’t completely understood. The public and even people whose job is to study mental health disorders don’t always understand what causes mental illnesses. […]

3 Ways a Companion Animal Can Help With Mental Health Recovery

It’s becoming more and more common for a companion animal to be used in therapy sessions or for mental health recovery purposes. Some therapeutic interactions with animals may sound strange to some. Most pet owners can testify to the comforting aspects of having an animal companion.Furthermore, it’s not at all unusual for animals to serve […]

3 Ways to Manage Teenage Stress

If you’re the parent of a teen, you’re probably under some form of stress, different from the teenage stress exhibited by your child. You have to work all day or run the household (or both), pay the bills, maintain your relationship with your spouse or partner if you have one, keep up with your teen’s […]

Random Acts of Kindness: Ideas to Promote Positive Mental Health

[lwptoc numeration=”none”] Did you know that performing random acts of kindness for others can have benefits for you as well? It’s easy to think that when you are kind to somebody without expecting anything in return from them, you don’t get anything in return at all. But that’s not the case, and if you think […]

Understanding Social Manipulation and Bullying

Social manipulation can be difficult to detect and even harder to put a stop to. Parents look for signs of physical abuse when they suspect that their teen is being bullied. Alternatively, they may look for signs and symptoms of cyberbullying if their teen is stalked online, sent threatening message, or harassed via text or […]

Navigating Social Situations When You Have Depression

For those suffering from depression, it can be extremely difficult to navigate social situations, even if they want to be social. If this resonates, check out these 3 tips to maneuver social events. When someone who’s never had depression or been close to somebody who has depression tries to picture what depression looks like, they […]