What and What Not to Bring

What to Bring

  • Enough comfortable clothing to last seven to ten days – laundry facilities are provided
  • Youth do their own laundry and staff members are available to help those who need assistance
  • A light jacket
  • Swim suits
  • Grooming supplies. While we provide all of the basics, experience has taught us that most program participants have a specific brand of soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. that they prefer to use
  • $100 in spending cash is recommended
  • A special pillow or blanket that helps with sleep. These items are welcome. We also provide towels, pillows and blankets
  • Those who wear makeup are welcome to bring it to wear while in treatment
  • Curling irons, razors, tweezers and similar grooming tools
  • Youth may bring photos, books, and other personal items that bring them comfort
  • Amazon’s Mighty personal music player with music already uploaded, if you are unable to upload prior to admission we can assist on site. Other devices are permitted as long as they do not have internet access or a camera. Paradigm will not assist in music upload if the device is NOT the Mighty device. Headphones or earbuds must be worn in consideration for others. Please contact the admissions department prior to arrival with any questions.

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What Not to Bring

  • Weapons
  • Cell phones
  • Cameras of any type (video, digital, disposable, etc. )
  • Audible music players. (As stated above, personal players with headphones or ear buds are acceptable)
  • Non-prescription drugs (excluding supplements)
  • Alcohol or anything containing alcohol
  • Any smoking, vaping or nicotine products
  • Clothing, music, images or other items that promote drug use, violence, or that offend others are not permitted
  • Valuable, irreplaceables, or items that hold great sentimental value. Historically we have not had issues with theft or destruction of personal property, but we can not and do not accept responsibility for such items
  • Any grooming tool that can cause injury will be secured in the staff office and must be checked out for use

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