San Rafael Map and Directions

Seaview House:
Adolescent Treatment Program
71 W. Seaview Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901

Arguello Circle:
Young Adult Program
46 Arguello Circle
San Rafael, CA 94901

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Insurance Accepted

If you’re considering treatment for teen mental health, behavioral health, or addiction at Paradigm Treatment, we can initiate the insurance verification process right away. We’re more than happy to gather your insurance policy information and handle the verification on your behalf. To expedite the process, you can fill out our insurance verification form. Typically, we can provide verification results within 24 hours for your convenience.

Speak with a compassionate and knowledgeable Admissions Counselor now.

If you have any questions about our unique approach to adolescent residential treatment at our Austin location, or would like to inquire about treatment for your child or a client, please contact us today!

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