Introducing the Paradigm Alumni Network!

Stay Connected and Join Our Monthly Virtual Alumni Peer Support Group!

Whether you’re currently with us or have journeyed on from our care, we cherish the bond we’ve built. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our monthly virtual alumni peer support group check-in meetings, exclusive to Paradigm alums looking to maintain connections and support within our community.

You’ll have the opportunity to reconnect with fellow alumni, share experiences, and continue your healing journey alongside familiar faces who understand and empathize with your plight. Led by our mental health experts, these meetings are a safe space to reflect, grow, and foster meaningful connections.

Join us for our next group meeting and rediscover the strength of our collective spirit. We’d love to have you!

What is an alumni program?

An alumni program is an extension of a rehabilitation center or residential treatment program. At Paradigm, our mission is to offer continuous mental health support and connection for teens, adolescents, and young adults who have completed their stay with us. Through monthly virtual meet-ups, our alumni group fosters a strong sense of community among Paradigm alums, providing a safe space for check-ins, additional support, and celebrating recovery milestones!

Why stay connected to Paradigm after
leaving treatment?

Community Connection

Get continued understanding and support from peers who’ve walked a similar path.

Non-Judgmental Environment

Share experiences without fear of judgment, fostering empathy and acceptance.

Shared Learning

Gain insights, coping strategies, and resources from others’ journeys.

Accountability and Motivation

Stay on track with support and encouragement from fellow members.

Empowerment through Helping Others

Give back by supporting others and reinforcing your own progress.

Continuity of Care

Bridge the gap between residential treatment and everyday life back in your home environment by maintaining a connection with people who support your growth and healing

Building Lifelong Connections

Forge friendships and connections that extend beyond meetings, enriching your support network.

Young Adults

Ages 18-26


Ages 12-17

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