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Professional Referent Program

Paradigm Treatment recognizes the vital importance of a safe and effective continuum of care for each and every client that we serve. We thank you for considering us and entrusting us with caring for your client.

Our skilled team of outreach specialists, admissions experts, and clinicians work closely with referring professionals to establish, enact and uphold a consistent, reliable scope of services. Teens and young adults entering our program are typically experiencing a range of moderate to severe mental health issues including but not limited to depression, anxiety, grief & loss, trauma, mood disorders, personality disorders, and more. Our Admissions & Outreach team works closely with our clinical program directors to ensure that referred clients’ highly individualized needs are optimally met from start to finish, and that they are communicated with our referents throughout.

Core Values

Referral Relationships are Personal

At Paradigm we believe that professional relationships are the cornerstone of our business and ethos. We recognize how deeply you care about your clients and patients, and we are honored to be considered a trusted source of care for them and for you. As such, we prioritize the relationships we are honored to have with our dynamic community of mental health practitioners, and the clients that they serve.

Open Communication is Key

Transparency, consistency, openness, and ethics are paramount. Paradigm Treatment makes it a point to involve and include referring professionals from the earliest stages of contact, and throughout the admissions and treatment process, through to discharge and beyond. We welcome and encourage one-on-one communication with key members of our team as often as needed, to ensure your referred clients and patients get the attention and tailored services they need while ensuring that you are never in the dark about the progress of their care.

What Matters Most

At Paradigm Treatment our number one priority is HELPING teens and young adults who struggle with mental health issues. So, even if we are not the ideal fit for your client, we can and will refer you to a program, person or plan for treatment that is. We care about young people and their families, and we will stop at nothing to ensure they get what they need, whether they find themselves in our care or not.

So as to uphold our ethos of transparency and consistency, below is a brief overview of what you can expect when making a referral into our program.

Pre-Admissions Process

  • Mental health clinicians, practitioners, doctors, teachers, counselors, former clients, attorneys, community members, and any interested individuals can call our admissions team at (855) 680-1820.
  • An Admissions Specialist will conduct a preliminary discussion in which presenting problems, general background and overarching concerns regarding a potential client are shared. At this stage, the referent will be asked about the client’s current treatment team and determine if a Release of Information will be needed.
  • Callers will learn more about our program, treatment philosophy and offerings. Moreover, our admissions specialist can also verify insurance coverage and related financials.

Assessment and Pre-Admission

Our skilled team of admissions experts will work closely with prospective clients and their families after the initial conversation has taken place. An in-depth assessment interview will take place, in which detailed, relevant information is gathered on behalf of the prospective client. In addition to this interview, our dedicated staff will also procure necessary details from referring professionals and treatment providers.


Our professional referents are one of the most instrumental aspects of our assessments, treatment and discharge planning, which we consider and plan from before our clients even step through our doors. Referring professionals are contacted within 24 hours of their clients’ admission into our program. Clients will also be asked to sign a Release of Information, so as to empower Paradigm to share vital information with the referring professional.

Choose Paradigm Because…

Simply put, we care. We recognize what a pivotal moment adolescence and young adulthood can be, and how monumental a decision it is to place youth into the hands of residential mental health treatment facilities. We also recognize that as a referring professional, you do not just place your client in our care, you place your reputation in our care as well. We never lose site of this and work tirelessly to serve your needs as well as your client’s needs.


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