Admissions Overview

At Paradigm Treatment we recognize the many challenges that parents and caregivers face when vetting potential treatment programs for their teens and young adults. We understand that each and every client who comes through our doors is dealing with a unique set of circumstances and obstacles. As such, we engage in a carefully tailored admissions process to ensure that your loved one’s individual needs and goals are understood and met. Because no two clients are the same, our dedicated Admissions professionals are trained to empower you with the tools you need to navigate admissions and enrollment with clarity and ease. We offer a range of admissions-related services which include ensuring that we are the best fit for your family, providing you with ample information about our programs, financials, insurance verification, and our staff, as well as assisting you with reviewing and collecting necessary medical records.

When you contact admissions, we will send you all the required forms to complete. These may include Admissions Request, Pre-Placement and Academic Info, Identification, Emergency Contact, Releases, and Financial Agreement. We are committed to doing all that we can to ease the admissions process for you and your family including assisting with the completion of this paperwork. Should you have any questions about completing any of these forms, please call Admissions at 603-386-1282 or email Should you require medical records for another treatment provider or any other purpose, please email your request to

Please note that some forms are required by external regulating agencies and while they may not seem applicable to your specific situation, we ask that you please complete each to assist us in our efforts to remain in strict compliance with all governing bodies.