Insurance and Financing

At Paradigm Treatment, we recognize that paying for quality treatment can be a challenge for many families. Insurance companies and well meaning advocates often times push families toward low cost, poor quality treatment options. This can result in young people being traumatized, exposed to negative experiences and set up for failure.  The other unfortunate truth is that such an approach generally costs much more in the long run in terms of time, energy and money.

To better assist families in their efforts to access quality adolescent treatment, Paradigm Treatment accepts insurance and provides financing options.

Paradigm Treatment accepts a wide variety of insurance plans.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of treatment for teen mental health, behavioral heath or addiction treatment at Paradigm Treatment, we can begin the insurance verification process immediately. We are happy to obtain your insurance policy information and seek verification on your behalf. You may wish to expedite the process by completing the insurance verification form. We can generally provide you with verification results within 24 hours.

The majority of insurance providers require pre-certification prior to entering the program. We will assist you with this process as well. A few insurance companies require that members notify them directly regarding any treatment. If your policy has this stipulation, we will provide you with support and direction on how best to proceed.  In this section you will find insurance plans that we work with. The absence of your insurance provider does not mean that we can not work with them. Their absence from our list may simply mean that we have not worked with them previously. Also, some companies are open to entering single case agreements, as are we.

How Insurance Verification Works

If you or a family member are interested in insurance verification please give us a call or complete the online form.  We’ll obtain your insurance policy information and contact your insurance provider to verify your benefits. This typically takes 24 to 48 hours. Once your benefits have been confirmed, an admissions counselor will contact you to review the details of your insurance plan’s coverage. The admissions counselor will review the coverage benefit levels quoted by your insurance plan, along with other aspects of your plan, including: both in-network and out-of-network benefits for residential and partial hospitalization treatment; any deductible for which you or your family may be responsible. The percentage of coverage your plan pays after your deductible has been met and/or any co-pay amount for which you may be responsible will be explained. For families who have insurance coverage purchased through a new state insurance exchange that has been created as part of the Affordable Care Act, Paradigm Treatment’s acceptance of this coverage is subject to review and approval of the prevailing terms of the coverage provided. Please contact one of our admissions counselors for more information.

How Pre-Certification Works

Many insurance companies require pre-certification prior to your admission to Paradigm Treatment. Pre-certification involves pre-approval from your insurance plan for specific services. Our admissions counselors, with the support of our full treatment team,  will make every effort to complete the pre-certification process for you. If your insurance policy states that you must notify them yourself, we will assist you with this process to the degree that circumstances permit.


Paradigm Treatment has a dedicated team of professionals to handle all your insurance needs throughout the treatment process.  We will get treatment authorized by the insurance company and then submit the bills for reimbursement on your behalf.


At Paradigm Treatment we work with American Healthcare Lending Inc., to finance treatment. One of the many reasons we work with this company is that they provide an immediate, automated answer to let you know in advance if you will be approved for treatment. This is done without impacting your credit adversely.

We can also accept payment by credit card and can break the payment up on more than one card if you wish. To apply for financing, please visit