Grief and Loss Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment teens and young adults come to us with different backgrounds, symptoms, interests, and struggles. Our individual treatment approach allows us to consider and treat each teen as an individual person, and to create a therapeutic treatment plan that best addresses her or him to heal, to recover, and to grow. Our Teen Grief and Loss Treatment is a program designed for teens that have experienced the loss of a loved one or another traumatic event, and are suffering from extreme, debilitating grief.

While these kinds of traumatic experiences are always difficult and grieving is a healthy, normal part of healing, sometimes teens can get “stuck” in the grief experience, for a period of time that is excessive. Teen Grief and Loss Treatment helps them from move on and grow past this. Teens in this situation often feel somewhat paralyzed, losing the ability to function in their every-day responsibilities, such as school and activities. It’s also common for teens to shut down emotionally and withdraw from others, which often only exacerbates the pain they’re already feeling.

Some of the other symptoms teens who seek Teen Grief Therapy often experience include: insomnia, nightmares, anger, guilt, anxiety, indecision, inability to concentrate, depression, apathy, hopelessness, and substance abuse struggles.

Fully Processing Loss

It’s important to know, sometimes teens can become stuck in a period of depressive grief and not necessarily recognize they need help. Sometimes teens assume that this kind of sadness is inevitable and that it’s commonplace that it won’t get better. If this is the case for you or a loved one you know, we want you to know that this isn’t true and that it’s very possible to get help in processing grief in a healthy way that allows you to move forward. This is especially important for young people, who can miss out on important developmental experiences, if they become stuck in a period of grief for too long.

In our Teen Grief and Loss Treatment programs, we work with teens to help them to fully process their loss and grief on the deepest level possible. It’s especially important to help teens address any aspects of the loss or experienced that have gone unaddressed or avoided until this time, and therefore continues to keep teens stuck in this stage. We do this kind of deeper introspective work with teens in both individual and group therapy sessions, as we help them to closely observe and recognize the thoughts and feelings that are present.

We also provide numerous other sessions and groups for teens to alleviate stress, make insights into themselves, improve relationship dynamics, get help with academics, and more. We also offer numerous support programs to encourage teens’ existing strengths, support physical health, and add new practices that will benefit teens’ quality of life. These programs range from things such as Teen Yoga and Teen Meditation to Teen Recreational Therapy, Sibling Support Services, Teen Social Support groups, and more. Our goal in working with young people that are grieving is to help them to heal in lasting ways which will free them to continue growing into their best selves and enjoy happy, healthy lives.

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