LGBT expert Danielle Owens-Reid Featured at Malibu Program



LGBT expert Danielle Owens-Reid Featured at Malibu Program


Paradigm recently had the privilege of featuring guest expert Dannielle Owens-Reid, who co-facilitated an identify group for youth at the Point Dume program.


Dannielle shared her story about struggles with her identity as a young adult, and about her internal questioning that ultimately led to her affirmation of her identity. She spoke about fluidity and embracing sexual orientation as something that isn’t fixed within us, but something that can change over time as we grow and develop. She also spoke about her professional journey from a satirical blogger to a co-author of a book about parenting LGBTQ youth.


In addition, Danielle participated in a “hot seat” exercise with clients voluntarily taking turns rotating into a seat across from her, asking her questions about her journey, asking her advice about how to explore their own internal questions about orientation and gender, and how to discuss identity variance with peers and/or parents.


Regarding the experience, therapist and Identity group coordinator, Andrew Oldershaw, MA states, “Dannielle’s unique voice was treasured by the youth, who benefited from her playful but poignant style and her insight on how young people can work closely with their parents to mutually respect the process of questioning and affirming identity variance.”


Danielle, along with Kristin Russo, created the popular site, My Kid is Gay,” a first-of-its-kind digital presence for families of LGBTQIA youth and co-authored This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids. Owens-Reid and Russo have been touring as popular speakers at schools since 2011.