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Types of Teen Behavioral Addiction

Typically, when someone speaks of addiction, most people think of drugs or alcohol addictions. In fact, that’s exactly how the mental health field has been categorizing addiction for the last […]

Establishing Healthy Boundaries for BPD Teens

It’s easy for teens with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) to have virtually no sexual, emotional, physical, or psychological boundaries. Especially if an adolescent has experienced sexual or physical abuse, the […]

Loving Teens with Low Self-Worth

There are some core beliefs that begin the cycle of low self-worth. Typically, these debilitating beliefs stem from experiences in early childhood, such as trauma or simply living among dysfunctional […]

Adolescent Depression vs. Adult Depression

It was originally thought that the symptoms of children and adolescent depression are different than those experienced by adults. Clinicians and researchers believed this until about the 1970’s. And who […]

Adolescent Rehab Defined and Explained

When you hear the word rehab, you might think of a certain type of treatment for addicts and even criminals. As in She’s had an addiction to alcohol for years […]