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Types of Teen Phobias: Part Three

This three part series on teen phobias is an exploration of their types, symptoms, and treatment. In the last article, the second part of this series, the emotional, psychological, and […]

The Mental Health Challenges of Gifted Teens

There are some teens that are incredibly gifted intellectually, musically, or artistically. However, that gift might come with mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, social ineptness, and even psychosis. Gifted […]

Teen Autism: Five Treatment Methods

Autism is a complex neurological disorder that is symptomatic in different ways for different teens. Although general symptoms are the same, the specific challenges for each adolescent diagnosed with teen […]

Symptoms of Teen Substance Abuse

It’s commonly known that teens are vulnerable to drug use. It’s a time of experimentation, curiosity, and sometimes confusion. For this reason, some teens might try drugs, and sadly, others […]