Could Your Teen Be Struggling with Smiling Depression?

Smiling depression is deceptive. While teens and young adults with smiling depression may look like they’re going through their lives successfully, they’re still experiencing all of the debilitating effects of depression. Smiling depression can lead to other health problems, it can lead to self-harm, and in extreme cases, it can also lead to suicide. Compared to other forms of depression, which tend to leave sufferers without much energy, smiling depression may put sufferers at greater risk of harm because they’re less likely to receive help and support and because they have the energy to act on negative thoughts. Recognizing subtle signs of smiling depression can help ensure that the person with depression gets the help they need.

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Here’s what real parents have to say about Paradigm…

“My daughter’s stay at Paradigm was life-changing for her. She felt safe enough during her stay that she was able to work on some deep emotional issues which had been haunting her for years. All staff who we had contact with are top-notch.”

– Jamie Lamott (Google review), Parent of a former client

“Our 16-year has been struggling with anxiety and severe depression and seemed stuck. We felt we had nowhere else to go. After 40 days, I feel like we’ve gotten our daughter back! It’s been an amazing experience. She now has tools, perspective, improved self love and a resilience we haven’t seen in two years.“

– Jeannine F., San Diego, CA, Parent of a former client

“The staff is incredibly dedicated and loving. They were extremely supportive and welcoming of me. Thank you so much for all you have done.”

– Katrine Louise Reyes (Google review), parent of a former client

About Paradigm Treatment…

Paradigm Treatment’s Joint Commission-accredited mental health treatment programs in Malibu and San Rafael, California have been developed to treat anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, trauma and many other mental health issues in teens and young adults. Every client undergoes comprehensive medical, psychological and psychiatric evaluations, which our clinicians use to develop unique treatment plans and ensure accurate diagnoses.

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