Teen Depression Treatment – How It’s Still A Major Hot Topic

Teens and children are not simple to treat for neurological disorders, their brains are still in development as well as delicate and sensitive.

For every mood disorder there is a handful of drugs that can be prescribed to treat these chemical imbalances, but are drugs the best way to alter teen’s chemistry?

There isn’t a whole lot of evidence to display how these drugs will change still developing adolescent brains, so the benefits may not outweigh the deficits.

A low percentage of adults have found antidepressants helpful, and this statistic comes from these adults trying multiple drugs for their disorder.

Drugs seem to be unreliable at best for any age group, so what are better alternatives available? Seeking teen depression treatment may be a great start.

Teens learning how to cope with their depression early can only help them as adults.

Dr. R. Scott Benson a Pensacola, Florida child psychiatrist says it best, “Depression is a serious problem, and we can’t just give you a prescription that’s good for six months and think that’s going to solve the problem. Whatever therapy or medication we prescribe, we need to have a clearly developed treatment plan, and make sure that we are seeing them progress as we expect them to ”

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