Tips to Help Manage Teen Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Preparing for a presentation, interviewing for a job, or taking an exam at school are all things that could cause teens to experience anxiety. This is completely normal. However, if a teen’s anxiety is consistent and interfering with daily life, they might be dealing with generalized anxiety disorder. Here are a few steps that teens with generalized anxiety disorder can take to help manage their anxiety.

  • Slow your pace – Walking, talking, driving, and even responding to text messages can be done slower to help with anxiety.
  • Take short breaks – Take a 15 minute break from your day to just sit or lie down and take some deep breaths.
  • Spend some time outside – Getting out into nature can be calming. In addition, a little sun can feel nice.
  • Listen to music – Find some music that is soothing to you and put on your headphones for a while.
  • Phone a friend – Call up a friend and have a nice conversation or even grab some lunch with your friend.

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