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Why Teens Need to Sleep

    You might have noticed that your teen will sleep for long hours, sometimes late into the afternoon. Perhaps you’re trying to get your teen to sleep regular hours, but they insist on going to bed late and waking up late.   Because there is a significant amount of physical, emotional, and psychological growth […]

Tips to Prevent Substance Abuse in Your Teens

  It might be hard to keep your teen from making the right decision when he or she is alone at a party with friends. If you’re not there with your teen to guide them along, will they may a healthy and safe choice when faced with drugs or alcohol? You won’t be able to […]

Mental Illness Occurs in Every Culture Around the World

  Teens pay particular attention to social interaction. They have their eye on what’s hot, trendy, and stylish. And they want to be a part of what everyone else is doing – unless it’s their parents having the fun. In general, adolescents want to be a part of the cool crowd – whoever that might […]

Common Reasons Why Teens Might Injure Themselves

  Adolescents who cut, burn, bite, scratch, or bruise their skin consistently may be hurting themselves on purpose. Although this might seem like odd behavior, there are valid psychological reasons behind self injury.   Self-injury – also known as Non-Suicidal Self-Injury or NSSI – is harming one’s own body without the intention of committing suicide. […]

Teenage Girls Tend to Have More Mood Disorders Than Teen Boys

    Certain mental illnesses that have to do with emotions and moods are sometimes called Mood Disorders. These illnesses can include various experiences of mood, such as having a very low mood, such as with depression, or a very high mood, such as mania. There is also the experience of hypomania, which is a […]

How to Support Your ADHD Teen Son

    Teen boys tend to lag behind the emotional and social skills of girls during adolescence. Just as in their physical growth, boys tend to bloom into their adolescence a little later than girls. To make matters worse, boys can be more impulsive and restless in the classroom. However, if there’s a boy who […]

The Blessing and Curse of School Summer Vacation

  June Parent:  “Wait until we get through the end of the school year, then there will be less stress.”   August Parent:  “Wait until school gets started and there is more structure, then there will be less stress.”     Who is correct?  If you answered “both”, you are very correct!  The academic, social […]

Five Tips for Teens with Anxiety

One of the more common mental illnesses among teens is anxiety. When a teen is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, the anxiety they experience often prevents functioning in school or having healthy relationships. Sure, it’s natural to feel nervous when taking an exam or going out on a first date. But anxiety that gets in […]

Parents and Teens – Here’s How to Develop Emotional Awareness

Emotional awareness is the ability to know how you’re feeling and when. It’s common for some teens and adults to be out of touch with their feelings. For instance, instead of feeling a certain emotion, instead, a person might feel uneasy in their stomach or have a burst of energy or an unexpected feeling of […]