Teen Bullying: How Parents Can Help

A teen who is being bullied will not always open up easily about it. Parents of teenagers should be aware of the signs of teen bullying so that they can identify it. Here are some warning signs that your teen might be being bullied.

  • Bruises, scratches, or cuts on their body.
  • Torn, damaged, or missing pieces of clothing or other belongings.
  • Isolation
  • Fear of going to school
  • Taking different routes to school
  • Depression
  • Drop in school performance

If parents notice these warning signs, there are a number of ways that they can get involved and help their teen deal with bullying. Here are a few steps that parents can take.

  • Let your teen know that you are on their side
  • Talk to the bully and school administrators
  • Don’t allow your teen to blame themselves
  • Teach your teen strategies for dealing with bullying in the future
  • Having a meeting with your teen’s teachers
  • Make sure that your teen is with friends whenever they go places


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