Understanding The Reasons Behind Underage Drinking


Underage drinking still continues to pose a huge problem to the health and safety of many teens, and a recent study has found that girls are at greater risk than boys when it comes to alcohol abuse. Teenage alcohol abuse is a problem facing American families everywhere, and in extreme circumstances, girl’s drug treatment and boy’s treatment at an adolescent rehab may be necessary. Understanding the reason why teens decide to drink is complex, but here are three common reasons behind underage drinking:


1. Risky And Daring Behavior

There are certain teenagers who are feeling adventurous; thus, they start taking risks in order to feel the rush of adrenaline. Some teens also develop thrill-seeking behaviors; unfortunately, due to the maturing environment, these “thrill-seeking” behaviors might escalate into more serious problems, such as trying different substances to experience its effects on their bodies and mind.


2. Peer Pressure

This is the most common reason why most teenagers start drinking. Teenagers want to fit in, and if they see their classmates or their friends drinking and appearing “cool”, they might be enticed to start drinking alcoholic beverages. There are also certain instances wherein the teenager who rejects alcohol at parties are often looked down upon and are rejected by the popular groups in school.


3. Escape or Rebellion

Of course, there are also certain teenagers who believe that binge drinking will help them escape from their problems. They drink and they get drunk in order to forget their problems. For example, problems at home, at school, and even in their love lives. There are also some teenagers who drink in order to defy their parents.