Situational Depression and How to Overcome It

What is situational depression? Situational depression may also be referred to as adjustment disorder, and it’s a type of depression that is triggered by some type of significant change or traumatic life event. This differs from major depressive disorder, which is what most people think of when they think of clinical depression. Major depressive disorder can’t […]

Why Do High School Athletes Struggle with Mental Health?

Being a high school athlete can look like a dream come true for many teens. They get to participate on a competitive level in an activity they enjoy – often one that they’ve been training for since childhood. Student athletes often enjoy the admiration of their peers and respect from teachers and school officials, as […]

4 Things Only People With Smiling Depression Will Understand

What does depression look like? If you picture a depressed person as someone who can’t stop crying, who is exhausted, who doesn’t want to socialize, or who has stopped taking care of their health or appearance, you may be right. However, depression can also look like an A student, a social butterfly, or a consummate […]

5 Tips to Overcome Depression

Depression adds a layer of difficulty to life that can sometimes seem overwhelming. When even simple tasks seem complicated and high goals seem farther away than ever, it can be hard to come up with the energy or will to try to accomplish anything. Unfortunately, there is no magical cure for depression and not all […]

Smiling Depression: What You Need to Know

For many people, the word “depression” calls to mind some specific mental images. It’s easy to picture someone who can’t stop crying, or who can’t seem to find the energy to get out of bed. However, depression doesn’t always look the way you would think it does, or the way it’s portrayed in popular culture. […]

Use These 9 Tips to Combat Depression

Depression is a common mental health issue that affects millions of Americans each year. Its symptoms range from crying and sadness to anger and physical aches and pains. In severe cases, depression can lead to suicide. While severe depression requires prompt medical treatment, there are lifestyle changes that can improve symptoms and make individuals with […]

A Parent’s Guide to Teenage Depression

As a parent, it can sometimes be difficult to read your teen. He or she might seem moody, sad, elated, or angry for no discernible reason. In addition, your teen’s moods might fluctuate fairly dramatically on a daily (or even an hourly) basis. How can you determine whether your teen’s sadness or anger is a […]

How to Identify Depression in Your Teen

The teen years are often rife with strong emotions. Your teen might be happy one day (or hour!)  and sad the next. While mood swings are usually par for the course during adolescence, mental health issues such as depression can also crop up during these years. How can you tell if your teenager is struggling […]

What Is Seasonal Depression and How Is It Treated?

Seasonal depression, sometimes called seasonal affective disorder or SAD, is a type of depression that can occur during the winter months. Occasionally, SAD will occur during the spring or summer months, but this is unusual. Most cases of seasonal depression begin in the fall and continue until spring or, in some cases, early summer. Read […]

How to Help Raise Depression Awareness

You might be surprised to learn that it is very likely you know someone who is suffering from or who has suffered from depression. It is one of the most common mental health conditions to affect people all over the world, including Americans. Depression can lead to job loss, failure in school, financial devastation, divorce, […]