Teen Dissociative Disorder From Childhood to Adulthood

Dissociation is an experience that many adults and adolescents experience.  However, in children and teens dissociation tends to look a little different. This article will explore the differences in dissociation between childhood, adolescence, and adulthood as well as compare the types of dissociation from mild to severe. Teen Dissociative Disorder According to the International Society […]

What is the Difference Between a Psychopath and a Sociopath?

The terms “psychopath” and “sociopath” are used interchangeably and, at times, inappropriately. The two terms are actually part of an antisocial personality disorder and it’s not accurate to name someone with an aloof manner or a selfish streak as either a psychopath or a sociopath. Some parents are concerned that their teenagers might be afflicted […]

What is Avoidant Personality Disorder?

Many teenagers and adults suffer from social anxiety. This is a condition that can make them feel nervous and physically ill when they have to interact with others, particularly if they will be the center of attention (such as when they must give a speech) or when they think others will be looking at them […]

Personality Disorders in Teens: What You Should Know

Historically, people would not received a diagnosis for personality disorders until they were at least in their 20’s. The nature of the illness indicates a long-term unhealthy pattern of thought and behavior and a person needs to have a history of life challenges that might indicate a personality disorder exists.   However, there is an ongoing debate […]

A Parent’s Guide to Adolescent Borderline Personality Disorder

Parenting teens can be stressful. Because your teen is going through hormonal changes and dealing with the rigors of approaching adulthood, it’s common to deal with moodiness, irrational behaviors, misplaced anger, and frustrating behaviors. If your adolescent has borderline personality disorder, however, it’s more than simply stressful and frustrating. Borderline personality disorder, or BPD, is a […]

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative disorders are comprised of several different but similar conditions that cause a lack of connection in a person’s thoughts. In years past, one well-known type of disorder was sometimes called “multiple personality disorder.” The dissociation that occurs with these conditions can happen just once in a person’s life, or it can become a long-term […]

How to Respond to Teen Psychosis

Psychosis is a symptom of mind that can show up in adolescence, but for most teens it won’t. Yet, for those teens who do experience hallucinations and/or delusions, psychosis can be a scary experience. Psychosis is a symptom, much like feeling down is a symptom of depression. Psychosis is essentially the experience of the mind […]

Common Lies That Narcissists Tell

The definition of a narcissist, according to psychologist Stephen Johnson, is “someone who has buried his true self-expression in response to early injuries and replaced it with a highly developed, compensatory false self.” A narcissist will often lie and exaggerate in order to get what they want. Here are a few common lies and exaggerations that […]

The Prejudice Against Teen Borderline Personality Disorder

Parents and caregivers should know that some clinicians may be resistant to diagnose a teen with Borderline Personality Disorder. A personality disorder is an illness that contains psychological patterns that have become woven into a person’s personality, and therefore are hard to change. On the whole, when a person has a personality disorder, treatment often […]

Five Myths about Teen Schizophrenia

Because schizophrenia is an illness that most teens and adults do not understand, erroneous beliefs and myths about the illness can easily spread throughout the general public. It should be noted that it’s rare for teens to experience schizophrenia. However, if adolescents are prone to this illness or another psychotic disorder, late adolescence is when […]