Teens: If You’re Struggling with an Addiction, There’s Help

      If you’re facing an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you should know that getting help can eventually bring healing. You might have experienced the difficult challenges that come with addiction. The fact that you can’t stop – that alone can be scary. Or you might find yourself needing to drink first thing […]

Find a Drug Addiction Treatment Program That Meets the Needs of Adolescents

If you suspect that your child is using drugs, then it essential to find high-quality drug addiction treatment that meets the needs of teenagers. Teenagers require a different type of substance abuse treatment than adults in order to avoid complications from dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Your child also needs to have one-on-one and group counseling on […]

How to Manage the Anger in Your Teen

      Teens can get angry over many things. They might feel like you don’t understand them. They might feel like you are stifling their individuality or independence. However, most of these circumstances are common and can be easily managed. When teens are angry due to a significant event in their lives, such as […]

Teens with Mental Illness Need More Than Just Medication

        When teens struggle with symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other mental illnesses, medication can help ease their challenging symptoms. Medication can balance the mood swings in bipolar disorder, lessen their anxiety, and prevent periods of depression. However, underneath those symptoms there may be underlying issues that led to the […]

One Teen Talks Openly About Her Panic Attacks on Facebook

    In an attempt to change the incessant stigma that comes with mental illness, a teen recently made a post on Facebook highlighting the difference between her “normal” self and a side of her most people don’t see – what she looks like right after a panic attack. The post got an enormous amount […]

When Teens Feel Loved They Thrive

    When an adolescent feels loved by his or her parents, that love facilitates a teen’s ability to love themselves. And this is essential during adolescence. There is an overwhelming amount of teasing, bullying, and making fun among teens. And this makes being yourself a difficult task as a teen. Many adolescents are faced […]

How to Help a Friend Who Is Depressed

    One in five teens experience depression at some point in their teenage years. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately, 8% of teens meet the diagnostic criteria for major depression. Perhaps you might not ever experience depression, but you might have a close friend who does.   If you suspect depression […]

Parent-Teen Arguments Can Actually Be Healthy for Adolescents

  A recent article in the New York Times highlights how certain conflict resolution styles can benefit a teen. During adolescence, parent-teen arguments are likely going to happen. However, a parent can respond to their teen in a certain way that elicit problem-solving skills, empathy, and seeing conflict from multiple perspectives.   The article points […]

Healthy Eating Contributes to Healthy Minds in Teens

  Adolescence is a stage in life in which there is incredible growth. A teen is developing physically, emotionally, psychologically, and socially. Their minds, hearts, and bodies are changing – and rapidly. Furthermore, the teen brain is exploding in its growth too. To best support this development, a good deal of sleep is needed (teens […]

The Ongoing Fight for Equality and Access to Care for the LGBTQ Community

  In a misguided and unethical step to foster discrimination against the LGBTQ community, the Tennessee General Assembly has presented a bill to allow therapists and counselors to reject providing care for patients that would violate “(therapist) principles” which, as of now, remain undefined.  This bill comes on the heels of the recently passed North […]