Depression and Happiness Pursuit: A Surprising Link

Recent studies show that there is a surprising link between depression and happiness pursuit – but how can chasing happiness lead to feelings of depression? Nobody wants to feel depressed. People want to feel happy. So it makes sense to pursue objects, relationships, and goals that you think will make you happy. Pursuing happiness is […]

What Connects Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD?

Mental health disorders are nothing to be ashamed of. They’re very common, and anybody can suffer from one. Mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are common, but aren’t completely understood. The public and even people whose job is to study mental health disorders don’t always understand what causes mental illnesses. […]

Parenting a Teen with Holiday Depression

The holidays are a difficult time for many people. The expectations of others around the holiday season can cause stress and exacerbate existing stress which leaves many, including teenagers, vulnerable to holiday depression. By the time they reach their teen years, your child has obligations to friends and family that they feel responsible for – […]

3 Ways to Help Your Teen Beat the Holiday Blues

A lot of people experience holiday blues. Holidays can be a rough time for a lot of people–and not just adults. Children and teenagers also experience stress and sadness around the holiday season. For example, children of divorced parents might feel sad about being away from one parent during the holidays, or anxious about having […]

Understanding and Supporting Suicide Grief

Grief after a suicide is something that everyone can understand. Over the course of a lifetime, everyone will lose people they care about. Sometimes it happens suddenly – either because of an unexpected accident or because of a brief but ultimately fatal health struggle. In other cases, death is expected, as can happen with a […]

Is Social Media Impacting Youth Depression?

Youth depression is becoming a noticeable issue nationwide. The rate at which teenagers and young adults report depression has been on the rise for some time now, and some evidence suggests that social media may be one of the reasons why. Researchers have found a correlation between social media use and the rising rates of […]

Raising Teen Depression Awareness Helps Reduce the Stigma

Mental health is discussed more widely today than it ever has been in the past, and it’s easy to believe that knowledge like teen depression awareness is at an all time high. But that’s not the case. Many people are still unaware of what depression really looks like, and therefore, people who suffer from it […]

Depression on the Rise Among Gen Z

According to several studies, teenagers and college-aged adults classified in the Gen Z cohort are experiencing higher rates of depression than the previous generation. And experts don’t know exactly why. Behaviors thought to have contributed to depression in previous generational cohorts, such as alcohol and substance use and antisocial or risky behavior are actually lower […]

What Are the Causes of Situational Depression?

You know that depression can be a serious condition. But do you know that there’s more than one type of depression? What most people are thinking of when they talk about depression in a clinical sense is major depression. But other types of depression should also be taken seriously. One such type of depression is […]

Situational Depression and How to Overcome It

What is situational depression? Situational depression may also be referred to as adjustment disorder, and it’s a type of depression that is triggered by some type of significant change or traumatic life event. This differs from major depressive disorder, which is what most people think of when they think of clinical depression. Major depressive disorder can’t […]