Coping with Grief After Suicide of a Loved One

The self inflicted death of a loved one is always accompanied by some type of grief after suicide. Even when a death is natural and expected, it’s normal to have strong emotions about the loss of a person that you cared about. But when a loved one dies by suicide, the nature of the death […]

Experiencing Grief as a Teen Vs as an Adult

If your teenager has experienced a loss, you might not know exactly how to help him or her come to terms with it. You already know that everyone experiences grief differently, but teenagers also grieve differently from adults. Where you might expect certain behaviors and emotions from yourself or an adult in your life, those […]

5 Helpful Tips for Dealing With the Loss of a Loved one

Death is, unfortunately, a part of life. Most of the time, death follows a predictable pattern: Younger generations bury the older generations and with good fortune, the people in our lives who die are elderly and lived a good, long life. Occasionally, however, younger people do die and it’s tragic and can be traumatic. Whether […]

7 Effective Ways to Help a Grieving Teen

If you’ve recently had a death in your family or community, you know how difficult it can be for an adult to get past the sadness and finality of death. When it comes to your teenager, his or her feelings might be similar to yours, or they might seem very different. Because teens are prone […]

How to Help a Grieving Teen

When a teen loses a friend or loved one, they may have a wide range of responses. They might become frequently sad, withdrawn, or even appear as though nothing is wrong. Parents and caregivers might not know exactly how to respond to grief, especially if they’re grieving too. In situations such as divorce, loss of […]

What To Do When Your Teen is Grieving

It’s quite possible that teens may have to grieve for one reason or another throughout their adolescence. Their parents might go through a divorce. They might experience a major relationship breakup. There might be a death in the family, and lastly, a friend might commit suicide or die suddenly in an accident. It’s possible that […]

After Loss: Reasons Why We Grieve Differently

Grieving isn’t an experience that is talked about very much in our society. After a family or friend dies, it might be odd to see that some people grieve by staying quiet, while others get angry and others keep talking about their loved one again and again. The process of grieving is not linear. It’s […]

The Best Books On Teen Grief and Loss – Part One

Teens, let’s face it, grief is a difficult emotional process to go through. It’s can be a long road that requires patience and self-care. Although parents and caregivers and everyone around you will want to do what they can to help you move through it faster, the truth is, the process needs time. It needs […]

Teen Grief and Loss: Feeling Bereavement in the Body

Three main bodily reactions can take place after a traumatic event such as losing a loved one to death. These are the arousal of physical responses such as restlessness, a disturbance in concentration, problems with sleep, and flashbacks that might contribute to increased bodily and psychological tension. Additionally, a teen might actively avoid the reality […]