How to Help A Friend With A Mental Illness

Living with a mental illness can be very scary but having the support of family and friends can make a huge difference. If you have a friend with a mental illness, you might be wondering how you can help. Here are a few ways which you can provide support that will be beneficial for your friend whose […]

Steps to Take and Tips to Remember with Adolescent Self-Harm

Often parents are at a loss when it comes to adolescent self-harm and self-injury. At first glance, the behavior of harming oneself seems strange – why would anyone want to hurt themselves? At other times, parents might wonder whether self-harm is an attempt at suicide. Also, discovering that their teen is participating in some form […]

Parents: Help Your Teen Avoid Depression and Anxiety

Teens have a lot of pressure on them to do well, and in multiple areas too. They are taught to get good grades and also to participate in extracurricular activities. Due to these pressures and other factors, teens sometimes experience depression. In fact, the number of adolescents who experience a depressive episode is estimated to […]

How to Raise Happy and Healthy Teens

Yes, it’s possible for your teens to grow up and be conscious, confident, and community-minded adults. In fact, not all teens are monsters, the way the media makes them out to be. Yes, they are going through a challenging time in life. But that does not mean that all teens are argumentative, rebellious, and impulsive. […]

10 Signs Your Teen is Addicted to Alcohol or Drugs

    Perhaps you have an expectation that your teen is going to experiment with drugs or alcohol. Some parents might be okay with this. While other parents hold a tighter rein and refuse to let their teens try any sort of substances, whether they are legal or not. Of course, one danger is the […]

8 Natural Depression Treatments to Improve Your Mood

Depression can be substantially reduced with therapy and medication. However, there are many things you can do on your own to help ward off depression. Here are eight natural depression treatments to help you feel better. Get a routine – Having a daily schedule can help to keep you on track. Set goals – Start […]

Common Misconceptions About Depression

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about depression. Some of these misconceptions prevent those suffering from depression from seeking treatment. An article on The Mighty aims to debunk a few of the most common misconceptions. Here are a few true facts about depression that everyone should know. Depression doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be treated as […]

5 Types of Behavioral Addictions Common Among Teens

    Most people think of drugs and alcohol when they think of teen addiction. However, the illness of addiction can develop with certain rewarding behaviors as well. For instance, it’s possible for a teen to become addicted to the following five types of behaviors:   Internet: Research indicates that 1.4% to 17.9% of adolescents […]

How To Prepare Your Teen for College

It’s the end of the summer and your teen (now young adult) might be ready to leave for college. It’s a transition for all of you. Your teen is leaving the home and starting a new life elsewhere. Meanwhile you and your spouse and the rest of the children learn to live life without them. […]

Tips For Supporting A Friend Whose Struggling With Depression

If your friend is experiencing depression, you probably want to provide support but might not know how. Here are a few tips on how to provide support to a friend struggling with depression. Make time for them – Your friend might not be interested in doing activities that you normally do. Make time to be able to spend […]