Effects of Divorce on Adolescents

If you are going through a divorce, you’re undoubtedly stressed and likely overwhelmed. With so many feelings and practicalities to deal with, you are probably concerned about how your teenager is handling the situation. While every teen is different, many adolescents experience a similar range of feelings as they navigate their parents’ divorce. Here are […]

Being Supportive to Your Depressed Teen

As a parent, it’s natural that you want to support your child through whatever they are going through. Up to this point, you might have been helping your teen through the ups and downs of school, friendships, sibling rivalry, and other issues that you went through yourself during your younger years. If your teenager has […]

Mental Illness Diagnosis: Here’s How to Get Help in School

One of the classic signs of mental illness in teens is a drop in grades. The symptoms of mental illness often interfere with the ability to do well in school. For instance, lack of concentration, which is a symptom of depression, can hinder a teen’s ability to retain information in class. Feeling rejected by friends […]

Mental Health Issues: 5 Tips for Talking with Your Teen

Like many parents, you might find it difficult to talk to your teen about certain topics. One important topic that should not be neglected is that of mental health issues. This can be a sensitive subject in many families and for many different reasons; teens might feel judged or you might feel apprehensive, particularly if […]

Guide to Finding a Teen Treatment Facility

  If your teen’s primary care doctor or mental health care doctor has recommended a treatment center, you might be feeling very overwhelmed. Is the situation an emergency, or can you think about it for a few days? How can you choose the correct facility for your child? What will happen to him or her […]

Teen Mental Illness Vs Adult Mental Illness

For the most part, parents believe that psychological illness is reserved for adults. However, mental illness, even disorders such as bipolar and schizophrenia, can occur in children and teens as well. In fact, research shows that most psychological illnesses progress along a developmental course beginning early in life. This is true not only of those […]

Words to Avoid During Teen Mental Health Treatment

Communication between parents and teenagers can be difficult on the best of days. Between generational differences, normal teenage development, common mood changes in adolescents, and the pressures that parents face, misunderstandings and poor word choices are a common occurrence. You might feel that talking to your teenager is even more difficult, now that he or […]

What Defines Severe Mental Illness in Teens?

    Severe mental illness is not so clearly defined in most clinical settings. However, most clinicians agree that if a psychological illness lasts in duration (meaning that it is chronic and long-lasting) as well as causes severe disability, then that disorder can be categorized as a severe mental illness (SMI). In addition to severe […]

7 Mental Illness Warning Signs

  As you navigate the adolescent years with your child, you might wonder about his or her behavior at times. Is it normal teenage moodiness, with all of the ups and downs that are common during this time of life? Or is your teen’s behavior and attitude indicative of a potential mental health problem? It […]

Dealing with Dual Diagnosis in Your Teen

  If you are a parent or caregiver of a teen who is struggling with addiction, you might also find out that your teen is depressed or anxious. Or that they have another type of mental illness in addition to their addiction. When someone struggles with two illnesses at once, it is called dual diagnosis. […]