Teen Anger: What’s Normal, What’s Not

Anger: We all deal with it, and if you have a teenager, you might feel as though you’re dealing with it more than usual. Teens often get frustrated through the course of the day or week. They’re pushing boundaries, learning to become more independent, and traveling at what seems like breakneck speed toward adulthood. Sometimes, […]

How Parents Can Raise Teen Driver Safety Awareness

For many teens, learning to drive is one of the biggest rites of passage they’ll experience before becoming full-fledged adults. It’s exciting and offers them previously unheard-of levels of freedom and autonomy. However, it’s also dangerous and parents should take steps to raise teen driver safety awareness. Motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of […]

What Is Teen Reactive Attachment Disorder?

Reactive attachment disorder, commonly abbreviated as RAD, is a disorder that begins in early childhood and is diagnosed before the age of five. It occurs when a child experiences severe emotional neglect and can be caused by a variety of issues with the parents or caregivers. While the condition takes hold during early childhood, it […]

Reactive Attachment Disorder: Causes and Symptoms in Teens

Children between the ages of 9 months and 5 years that were subjected to neglect or abuse as an infant or toddler may suffer from reactive attachment disorder, commonly abbreviated as RAD. This is most common in children that live in an orphanage, are constantly exposed to different foster homes, or live with parents that […]

9 Ways to Help a Sleep-Deprived Teen

You might not be surprised to learn that being a sleep-deprived teen is very common, but you might not know that the average teen needs a bit over nine hours of sleep each night. With school starting early in the morning in most areas, it might be nearly impossible for your adolescent to get that […]

How to Manage Teen Anger Issues

You might have thought that once you had gotten through the tumultuous toddler years with your child, it would be relatively clear sailing as far as his or her emotional outbursts went. Now that your child is a teenager, however, you’re seeing that toddler tantrums have nothing on teenage anger. Is your teen acting in […]

6 Types of Teen Risky Behavior to Watch Out For

If you think back to your own adolescence, it’s likely that you took part in some activities that your parents didn’t approve of. A teen’s developmental stage makes it necessary for them to push boundaries and try things that you don’t like as part of proving themselves as being independent of mom and dad. In […]

Teens Need More Mental Health Support and Prevention

  Although there is more and more awareness around the mental health needs of teens, adolescents still lack support to prevent mental illness in the first place.   Experts know that of those adolescents who will develop a mental illness, half of them have their onset at age 14 and 75% of them by the […]

ADHD Awareness

October is ADHD awareness month. There are some misconceptions about ADHD and the following facts are here to keep you informed that this is a real condition that affects many people throughout the world. Nearly every mainstream medical, psychological, and educational organization in the United States long ago concluded that Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a real […]

The Five Love Languages of Teens

  Teens still need a strong relationship with their parents. Although they are at a stage in life when social relationships are important (and they will likely place more emphasis on their friends right now over family, they will still need their parents to be there for them. Because of this it’s important to continue […]