Tips For Talking To Your Teen About Depression and Anxiety

As a parent, it’s important to start conversations with your teenager about teen issues, including depression and anxiety. Giving them their space and letting them deal with issues on their own could lead them to believe that you don’t care. Talking to your teen about depression and anxiety can be difficult, especially since adolescence is already […]

The Mental Health Risks for Female Teens

    Teens in general can be vulnerable to mental illness. However, the risks for mental illness vary between male and female teens, and according to research there are greater risks for female adolescents versus males. This article will explore some of those risks and how parents and caregivers can minimize them.   Studies have […]

Tips For Parents on Talking to Your Teenager

During adolescence, teens begin to develop independence and establish their own identity. This means that they will start to pull away from their parents, which can leave parents feeling as though their teen doesn’t want to talk. It’s important to remember that teen’s are trying to sort out their own struggles internally and are probably not trying to shut […]

Parents: Essential Tips to Remember About Teen Depression

    If you are concerned that your teen may have depression, there are some important facts to know about this mental illness. These facts may inform the way you respond to your teen’s symptoms and discomfort. Of course, as you may already know, getting help for your teen, as you would with any illness, […]

How Pokemon Go is Helping With Depression

Pokemon Go has quickly become a popular game among teens. It is an smart phone app and the goal of the game is to catch as many pokemon as possible. Unlike most smart phone games, Pokemon Go is unique because it encourages players to get outside and walk around. Some mental health professionals are saying […]

Acute Stress Disorder versus PTSD

  If your teen has recently experienced trauma, then you may see psychological symptoms that need immediate care. Most people are familiar with the term PTSD, which is an acronym for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, PTSD is a diagnosis that is provided to a teen one month (or later) after a trauma has occurred. […]

Teens: Learn to Manage Pre-Panic Attack Anxiety

      One of biggest challenges to having panic attacks is the anxiety that leads up to it. If you’ve been diagnosed with Panic Disorder, or if you have panic attacks on a regular basis, you might have experienced the debilitating anxiety that comes with not knowing when another panic is going to happen. […]

Psychosis and Brief Psychotic Disorder in Teens

  Brief Psychotic Disorder is an illness that some teens may be vulnerable to. This is a type of psychological illness that is not very common. However, when an adolescent is vulnerable to psychosis, they will tend to experience it during their late teens or early 20’s. It’s rare for a child to experience any […]

Knowing the Three Stages of Adolescence Might Help You Understand Your Teen

Well, perhaps completely understanding your teen may be a stretch. But certainly understanding the typical stages of adolescence might give you insight into the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors your teen may experience.  With this information you might be able to be pick your battles, be more compassionate, and learn to roll with what your teen […]

Excessive Hair Pulling and Skin Picking in Teens are Mental Illnesses

      It might seem odd that your teen wants to continue to pull their hair out. And you may notice that they’re not only pulling out their hair, but there’s also plenty of anxiety that accompanies their behavior. If you’re noticing bald spots from your teen’s scalp or body, there’s a reason to […]