How to Respond to Teen Psychosis

Psychosis is a symptom of mind that can show up in adolescence, but for most teens it won’t. Yet, for those teens who do experience hallucinations and/or delusions, psychosis can be a scary experience. Psychosis is a symptom, much like feeling down is a symptom of depression. Psychosis is essentially the experience of the mind […]

Self Exploration Teen Questionaire

Teens: Here’s a List of Important Questions to Ask Yourself What’s great about being a teen is that you are in one of the best stages of life. Sure, it can be difficult. But it can also be exciting. Now is the time to discover yourself, to explore who you are and who you are […]

Can Crafting Help With Anxiety?

  We all face times of great stress, depression and anxiety, maybe it’s a family crisis, maybe it’s financial troubles, whatever causes these feelings, they feel as though they’ll never go away. If you’ve been feeling prone to a certain deep state of depression, there can be alternative ways to treat these feelings without medication. […]

Beating The Stress Hormone

High cortisol levels are dangerous to the natural balance and flow of your bodies abilities to heal itself from harm. Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone is the culprit behind many mental and physical illnesses: depression, anxiety, insomnia, heart and memory problems and much more. What is there to be done about maintaining normal […]

Teen Suicide – Prevention Tips

  Teen suicide continues to grow as a major mental health issue, it is a leading cause of death among adolescents in America. The best way to help assist someone who is suicidal is to catch clear warning signs early and be a supportive calm force in their life. Let them speak their mind and […]

How To Recognize Teen Depression & Anxiety

  Summer is over, school has started, and teenagers are bound to feel bittersweet about this change to their free schedules. Teens have a lot to be anxious about, their grades, social status, their life on social media, teen depression & anxiety are all too common problems. It’s easy to misread symptoms of teen depression […]

Mental Health – How The Internet Triggers Problems

Studies have shown that there are ties to mental health issues and the over-use of the internet and time consuming apps. Internet addiction wasn’t a common phrase back a couple of decades ago, now it’s being explored as just as serious of an addiction along the lines of alcoholism or drug use. A new study […]

Mental Health Habits Teens Can Start Doing Now

  Mental health and emotional health are important throughout adulthood. When we eat well, get good sleep, and exercise regularly, the body and mind stay healthy. If teens can get going on these types of mental health habits they are more likely to keep physical and mental illness at bay. Here are a few mental […]

Schizophrenia Treatment – How To Cope With Your Diagnosis

  Families coping with the diagnosis of schizophrenia in a loved one are just as greatly impacted as the individual. Everyone can treat this illness with a different attitude, different levels of worry, sadness and feeling as though nothing they can do will help them. Promoting a loved one to seek out help and get […]

Teen Depression Treatment – How It’s Still A Major Hot Topic

Teens and children are not simple to treat for neurological disorders, their brains are still in development as well as delicate and sensitive. For every mood disorder there is a handful of drugs that can be prescribed to treat these chemical imbalances, but are drugs the best way to alter teen’s chemistry? There isn’t a […]